Recent News on Safe Haven (SHA)

Safe Haven (SHA), known for building fintech solutions on blockchain, has been working tirelessly on new projects. This work has been done in both collaboration with others and as a solo effort. 

This report shall look at the recent news, projects, and partnerships by Safe Haven (SHA).

Safe Haven launches Inheriti community edition

Inheriti represents the first digital inheritance solution that is fully decentralized. Launched two weeks ago, blockchain experts can now have access to this digital inheritance solution by Safe Haven.

The Community Edition (CE) presents decentralized inheritance of data in its most transparent form. The solution also makes use of SafeKey technology and blockchain to ensure the safe distribution of encrypted shares on cold storage devices.

Vulcan acquires CometVerse from Safe Haven

On the 3rd of October, Vulcan announced that they have successfully acquired CometVerse from Safe Haven. CometVerse is a marketplace opened up by Safe Haven on the VeChain ecosystem.

Responding to this announcement, Safe Haven revealed that CometVerse has “found a new home” with Vulcan. Vulcan Forged notes that the acquisition is perfect as Vulcan Forged is leading the way with NFTs and dApps while Safe Haven is concentrating on Inheriti, all of which are on VeChain. Safe Haven wishes to further collaborate with Vulcan Forged for future projects.

Safe Haven to permit fixed APR staking for $SHA holders

Logino Dujardin, CEO of Safe Haven, announced that after the CryptoFarm that took place on October 4, most holders became willing to stake their $SHA.

It is pertinent to note that $SHA is the native token for Safe Haven. For this reason, the CEO proposed that Safe Haven may launch “a fixed staking program within the NODE application.” He also points out that a fixed APR will also be arranged both for NODE and non-NODE holders.

By sharing the above information on his official Twitter handle, Dujardin called for the community to deliberate on the proposal.

Moments after, Dujardin tweeted that:

In other news, Safe Haven is currently in the process of acquiring another DeFi platform.

This platform will effectively run on the Binance Smart Chain. This new platform will bring utility for $SHA and $BNB. Binance Smart Chain will also generate transactions for loyal NODE holders. With all these plans in place, the future is indeed brighter for the Safe Haven community, and especially $SHA holders.

Previously, DigiByte Foundation announced a partnership with Safe Haven. According to reports, the partnership between DigiByte and Safe Haven includes the future integration of the Safe Haven inheritance platform on the DigiByte blockchain.


  1. What an awesome company. I follow them since (at least) 2 yrs and they keep surprising me in a good way. This is, in my opinion one of the hidden gems that will reveal it’s potential soon. What you guys haven’t covered in you article is this announcement : – The team has begun brainstorming on the development of a decentralized cross chain protocol for automated liquidity provision on Binance Smart Chain. The platform is a decentralized exchange and will use the SHA token as fuel; dubbed, SafeSwap.

    * Seen in the last friday Flashupdate given by Safe Haven at it’s announcement channel

    Thanks for the outreach on one of my most favorite projects in het cryptosphere.


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