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HedgeTrade announced the launch of its Beta platform that conjoins novice and expert crypto traders. The company calls it revolutionary. With it, the amateur traders will get access to quality market predictions while the experts can monetize their prediction accuracy. As per the December 5th press release, the beta is available by invitation-only.

The blockchain powered-beta platform opens the HedgeTrade registration for both cryptocurrency users and traders. The platform offers users an opportunity to buy or unlock the trading predictions called Blueprints. The traders create these Blueprints and specify the right entry and exit points for users. For all the accurate predictions, the traders earn HEDG tokens which is an ERC-20 token. And currently ranks #29 on CoinmarketCap.

HedgeTrade utilizes Ethereum blockchain to record the accuracy of the traders’ Blueprint predictions. Effectively, this data is used to rank the traders. Thus it offers a transparent open market to the platform users. The user can unlock a Blueprint with HEDG tokens. If the predictions turn out to be accurate, a part of these tokens goes to the trader. Otherwise, the user receives a token refund.

Moreover, the in-built smart-contract functionality is used to disperse all these payments. According to David Waslen, CEO and Founder of HedgeTrade cryptocurrency trading, has turned into a complicated realm for a novice trader. That’s because the space is teeming with contrasting trading predictions.

HedgeTrade is trying to tackle this issue. It connects a new user to the experts who then, in turn, capitalize on their expertise by making more accurate predictions. It effectively benefits the entire community.

The users interested to test the Beta can request an Invite Code on the HedgeTrade Twitter Handle or complete the Signup.

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