Safe Haven (SHA) Is Offering Users New Solutions

Safe Haven, the digital inheritance provider, is one of the more interesting projects on the market. The company has been continuously expanding and bringing new solutions to its users. Now it is getting ready to celebrate its third anniversary.

According to a series of tweets on the official Twitter account for Safe Haven, the company is doing more than well. In particular, it claims that its wallet count has increased, “moving from 3,493 to 3,556 over the course of the last week.”

Besides, together with the Arkane Network, which “allows you to easily integrate your app with Binance Smart Chain, whether you already have an app integrated with web3 or are building a new application from scratch,” the digital inheritance provider looks to launch SafeWallet. The company states that it will provide an “easy login to the SHA platforms” with Gmail and Facebook. SafeWallet will support Bitcoin, Ethereum, VeChain, Litecoin, TRX, Matic Network, Neoblockchain, and Binance Smart Chain.

Safe Haven goes on to explain why it is willing to strengthen its cooperation with the Matic Network. It notes that the network is currently building the VIP-MATIC bridge, which will “allow us to continue our efforts to integrate Safe Haven solutions into our partner network.” Besides, the testing environment for the Safe Haven-powered BinBlock, which will provide DeFi, pooling, charity, and fundraising solutions on the Binance Smart Chain, is almost ready. Its release is slated to go public shortly. The integration of the Safe Haven-powered FundRequest to Binance Smart Chain is on schedule.

Yet there is more. The company is planning big and has already begun updating a new version of the NODE application. Once it has been completed, the community will have access to “updated features, layout changes, and new opportunities to include staking of the SHA-token.”

Finally, the company states that its product, SafeKey, has improved its UX via a JavaScript library update. “This update has improved the experience by lessening the required authentication-touches through improved authentication token management. Safe,” reads the tweet.

Safe Haven is definitely a company worth following. Having been around on the market for a while, it has made substantial progress, catering to the needs of its users. Recently, Altcoin Buzz covered the latest news on Safe Haven, and back in September, we also reported that its digital inheritance platform is now available for the community.

As of the time of writing, Safe Haven (SHA) price was $0.00242996, with a 24-hour trading volume of $353,534. SHA price also went up 5.2% over the last 24 hours. SHA has a circulating supply of 4.7 billion coins and a max supply of 8.5 billion coins. Currently, KuCoin is the most active market trading Safe Haven (SHA).

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  1. I love $SHA one of the more promising projects in the cryptosphere. While the bears hitted the markets, this team was keeping their heads down BUIDLing. They made cutting edge technology to inherit digital legacies. When crypto goes mainstream, people have to take responsibility for their own assets. If they don’t safeguard their digital belongings, they will be lost forever. Safe Haven made it possible for everybody to use, easy to make an inheritance plan and easy to recover the assets by your techsavvy heirs with a hardware “SafeKey”. All these extremely important ideas for maturing the space, are patented. So this is an absolute gem. When i can give you one advice: dive deep. Explore it all. Do the research and find out for yourself. All exchanges need this. All cryptohodlers need this. Institutional money needs this. To conclude: i love this! 🙂


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