Safex Reveals Progress On TWM Wallet

Safex, the privacy-focused open-source decentralized marketplace platform, recently released its development update.

Also known as The World Marketplace (TWM), Safex prides itself as the blockchain engine for e-commerce. Its expertise is in creating web stores that help merchants earn more tokens as the marketplace activities grow.

In a Twitter announcement on May 12, Safex gives insight into what the update covers.


Update on TWM Wallet

TWM wallet is a software app from Safex which merchants use to interact with Safex cash and token. It is also an interface to the world marketplace.

The update reveals that the TWM Wallet is undergoing an iteration process. In this iteration, the community in charge of testing will have permission to interact with the merchant interface. As a result, merchants can easily go through their accounts and see what listings they have from that particular account.

The update also shared a link with the Safex followers to test the iteration. Using the link, users can create new accounts. When they select an account, they can see an enlarged view of the account, its various options as well as the listed offers. This would enable viewing of the items listed for sale on the marketplace.

At this stage, however, there is no option to edit the account. However, there would be modal forms available for listing offers and new account creation. The update promised another upgrade soon that would enable the forms for editing of existing offers.

The next steps, however, are in two folds. Either purchases are being integrated or accounts are linked up to the TWM API to permit massaging activities.

The update also mentioned some tweaks in the Safexcore marketplace protocol as well as the release of version 6.5 of the testnet.

Update on sfxos

In late March, Safex had provided an insight into an operating system specifically built for mining Safex cash. This system is known as sfxos. The latest report described sfxos as the “plug and play Safex cash mining operating system”. It also revealed that this system had now finalized an iteration process. This sfxos operating system makes it ready for use by the general public.

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