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We all already have an idea of how people make money on Binance right? To do that, you have to deposit crypto into some spot wallet. However, there is another way where you don’t have to deposit or even trade to make money.

The Binance Referral Program is an additional alternative where, once you have a Binance account, you can share your referral link and earn very good money. Let’s discover more about it and how you can start participating in it.

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What is the Binance Referral Program?

The Binance referral program lets you invite anyone with your referral link so you and the other person can earn 100 USDT in trading fee credit. To achieve this, the other person needs to:

  • Create a Binance account: If you do it with this link, you can end up winning an additional 600$ with this campaign.
  • Deposit at least 50$ in the binance account.

However, these are not the only way to earn money in the Binance referral program. You can also invite your friends to join the Quarterly Tiered Task program and win up to 200 BUSD.

How Does The Binance Quarterly Bonus Rewards Work?

Nowadays, Binance has a bonus reward structure that lets its users earn a % of its bonus rewards every three months. So, if you want to participate in this binance program, you need to:

  • Invite your friends to register to binance: If you do it with this link, you can end up winning an additional 800$ with this campaign.
  • Share on Social Media: Share what you are doing on your social media accounts to earn extra rewards. (Shared Bonus Program)

Moreover, the quarterly bonus program from Binance has 6 levels (tiers) where you can get a Binance Gift Card with 200 BUSD. To have it, you need to achieve the 3rd, 5th, 8th or 12th tier. Also, you can get this gift card if you get 12 referrals.

Note: To be considered as an “eligible referral”, the friend you invite needs to complete the KYC process and deposit more than $50 in the first 14 days of registration. The people that you invite via your referral link can deposit by cash deposit, buy crypto with debit/credit card, P2P trading, and the deposit crypto method.

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On the other hand, to Claim Rewards, first, you need to pass through a KYC process within seven days of the reward’s release. As a result, you will have your rewards within the next 48 hours. So, only your partner will be qualified to get the incentive if you haven’t finished Identity Verification within 7 days.

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Things You Must Know Before Starting The Binance Referral Program

Only one referral method may be used to refer each new Binance user. If a new user creates a Binance account using the Lite Referral ID or link. Also, sub-account deposits and account transfers are not eligible deposits.

The deposit volume does not include deposits made through a third-party payment mechanism or from another Binance account. Moreover, participants who act dishonestly while participating in the activity risk won’t have their rewards.

Note: The Binance Terms of Use must be carefully followed by all participants.


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