With Serenity Shield, we are talking about data storage. The protocol also offers a crypto inheritance solution. It’s active in the RWA and DePIN verticals. These are currently two of the most promising crypto sectors. As a result, the protocol could see a potential upswing in the coming months.

So, let’s take a closer look at some updates that Serenity Shield has to offer.

The $SERSH Token Price Surged

The recent price development for the $SERSH token is positive. On May 11th it even surged 100%. That’s great and positive news in this current bearish part of the bull market. The price went from $0.284 to $0.471.

The new partnerships, more on them later in this article, will help the token price soon, too.

There was also an $8 million trading volume with the $SERSH token. That was in a 24-hour period. The total number of $SERSH token holders increased to 12,000. There’s more positive news on its way for the $SERSH token. For example, tomorrow, 16th May. The team will announce a top-tier Market Maker supporting their quest for a Tier 1 listing. Such a listing should supply a major boost to the token price.

The current $SERSH price is $0.3859. There’s a market cap of $2.3 million. Only 6.2 million of the tokens circulate, out of a 99.7 million total supply. The max supply is 100 million $SERSH tokens. During the last 24 hours, the $SERSH price is up by 9%.

DePIN Storage Versus Centralized Cloud Storage

Global Software development firm Radix Network recently posted an article that shows that cloud solutions are booming. It states that 90% of businesses already leverage its power. Furthermore, by 2032, this market should increase to $232 billion. This shows that the potential for growth and innovation is massive.

However, currently, centralized cloud computing giants seem to control this sector. Google, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon are the top 3 providers. Between them, they have 66% of this public cloud market under their control.

On one side, centralized control is reliable and scalable. However, on the other side, it also carries risks. For instance, potential downtime and privacy concerns. The good news here is that decentralized options offer a solution to these risks. Most importantly, it takes away concentrated power and data from these giants. These are not concentrated between a few players anymore.

For example, DePIN doesn’t hold data in a centralized manner. There’s no single entity that holds all the information. Instead, it’s spread out over a network of users. As a result, there’s no single point of failure possible. This mitigates risks and gives users control over their digital assets.

Serenity Shield supports such decentralized alternatives. That’s part of their mission. The cloud market is bound to expand. Serenity Shield supports this fairness in the market. It recognizes that equal rights for all users are crucial. Offering these alternatives besides the big players, gives an unbiased playing field. That’s why Serenity Shield keeps building a fair digital landscape for all. A decentralized DePIN storage option also offers better prices compared to centralized options. These prices can be up to 60% cheaper.

New Partnerships & Other New Updates Coming

There will be more new partnerships in the pipeline as well. Serenity Shield will also ship new product releases. These will cover both the Web2 and Web3 worlds. To top this off, the team is also preparing groundbreaking news for later this month. This should revolutionize the DePIN and the RWA verticals. This news may give another positive impulse to the $SERSH token price.

The major DePIN news should hit the streets come 20th May. This should start the mark of plenty more milestones lying ahead for the project. To the extent that the team believes, it may mark Serenity Shield as a global player.


Serenity Shield keeps building in the RWA and DePIN verticals. Among their news updates, there’s an announcement coming about a tier 1 CEX listing. There’s also an update in the pipeline, that should revolutionize these two verticals. Furthermore, the $SERSH token is seeing a positive impulse. Earlier this week, it surged by 100% in one day. There are currently plenty of positive events happening with Serenity Shield.



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