ShareRing Partners with Digital Asset Fund Alphabit

ShareRing, the enterprise-ready blockchain that aims to create a unified ecosystem for travel, sharing, and on-demand economies announced its partnership with Alphabit.

The goal of the partnership is to use digital asset fund Alphabit’s advisory services and expertise to raise growth capital. This will effectively help acquire more partners and accelerate product development.

Currently, Alphabit is the Investment Advisor of Alphabit Fund. It is one of the world’s first regulated digital currency investment funds. In addition to that, Alphabit partners with promising projects. With such collaborations, it supports the product development of a project and advances its growth in the blockchain space.

ShareRing is focused on fragmenting seven trillion dollar travel economy. Furthermore, it promises to bring most of the travel-related activities into a single ecosystem with its travel app. These activities will include:

  • Flight bookings
  • Visa applications
  • Hotel check-ins
  • Self-sovereign IDs
  • Vehicle rentals
  • COVID-passports

Alphabit, CEO Liam Robertson, sees huge potential in the ShareRing project and its utility token SHR. According to him, ShareRing is using blockchain to solve real-world problems. The post-pandemic prospects of its utility token SHR are bright. Apart from capital growth, the collaboration will offer more partnership opportunities to ShareRing. These will come to ShareRing via Alphabit’s global network of connections.

Head of ShareRing, Tim Bos believes that Alphabit’s digital asset expertise will fortify the exiting ShareRing partnerships. Moreover, it will bring in new partnerships in the future.

Primarily, this partnership demonstrates that funds do recognize the true potential of blockchain technology. Secondly, it also demonstrates how ShareRing is adding value to the sharing economy.

ShareRing Mission

ShareRing started as an enterprise-ready solution to eliminate the hassles of the travel industry. It developed a single app for both businesses and consumers. Furthermore, it launched a car-sharing venture known as Keaz that was later acquired by Wunder Mobility in 2019.

Currently, the team is working on launching “The ShareRing Shop app”. With an initial launch across Australia, it will be also be launched in South East Asia by Q3 of 2020.

Altcoin Buzz is proud to be operating a highly privileged node in the ShareRing network. As a ShareRing Masternode, we are providing more functionality to the network and participating in its governance model.


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