Stasis Makes EURS Purchase Available with Card

Tokenization platform Stasis has recently released its monthly report for May. The Stasis and EURS team have discussed various updates including issues relating to stablecoins. 

The Stasis report also shares updates on EURS purchase, the advancement of Stasis, new partnerships, and other updates.

EURS purchase available with card payment

As there is an increase in crypto adoption, the Stasis team seeks to ease crypto-asset purchases. Through an open API, EURS can be purchased using the payment card.

EURS can be bought using card payment, regardless of the amount. In the EU zones, cards are issued with a cost of 1.5%, while in other countries, it is at the cost of 3.5%.

In celebration of the EURS “purchase by card” option, a special giveaway has been launched by Stasis. The first set of users also to try out the service stand a chance of getting up to 1000 EURS in rewards. Click here to know more about how to participate.

The emergence of STASIS global communities

Stasis has been working tirelessly towards linking its products to the people in different areas around the globe. These products include digital assets and the wallet app. The marketing team has expanded its worldwide campaigns and as a result, there has been an increase in digital communities. These communities provide digital support for local markets.

Even their social community is not left out. Worldwide, Stasis social community connects more than 40,000 people worldwide. This is to enable a better crypto experience. In the month of May alone, over 8000 new members have joined the Stasis community, from around the world. These countries range from Brazil to Indonesia.

New partnerships and listings

Based on reports, Indonesia has recognized EURS and the crypto assets have been listed on Indodax. Indodax is the largest exchange in Indonesia. Since the country shows great interest in the digital asset, this appears to be a great opportunity for EURS.

On the Ethereum mainnet, Uniswap V2 has been deployed to promote trading and liquidity. EURS is available on Uniswap v2 and has been paired with USDT, USDC, and ETH.

EURS has also gained support in Elliptic’s compliance tools. Known for helping cryptocurrency businesses and financial institutions with risk management, Elliptic also ensures standard in AML crypto compliance. These partnerships prove that EURS is well-acknowledged globally.

Last week, Uquid announced that its marketplace was set to go live, and it would accept Bitcoin Cash as a payment option.


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