Status Keycard

The Status Network has introduced Keycard integration into its Status App on Android.

With Keycard integration, Status users can now experience hardware-enforced security on the Status App.

Status app + Keycard integration

The Status App functions as a crypto wallet, secure mobile messaging application, and Web3 browser. The app is built and maintained by the Status Network, a blockchain infrastructure builder known for building community resilience tools. They recently released the version 1.4 of Status App, and have added Keycard integration in Android devices.

This update will integrate Status App with Keycard, a secure, open-source, contactless hardware wallet. This wallet is also built by the Status Network and it enables users to store their private keys offline.

The authorization of app transactions, two-factor authentications for login, and storage of crypto assets with the Status App can be done by tapping Keycard against your phones.

Guy-Louis, Product Manager of Keycard explained that cryptocurrency products give people more control, despite carrying its own set of risks. He also claims Keycard’s first integration with the Status app is thus an important industry milestone when it comes to risk mitigation. As a project with an open-source API, they believe the Keycard model will be an industry standard for all sorts of products that expect normal people to interact directly with their cryptocurrency.

“Tapping a Keycard against your phone as an added layer of authorization and ownership of your private keys should be the norm anytime someone wants to login, send money, store value, and more,” he said.

Promoting privacy with Status App

Status App promotes privacy in sending and storage of cryptocurrency, and also in its interaction with decentralized applications. Since its launch in iOS store and Play Store in early 2020, Status App has succeeded in eliminating centralized third parties in private messaging.

With Status App, users can increase their autonomy when it comes to their financial and messaging transactions. By removing third parties, the need for fraud protection and normal insurance mechanisms are reduced. In this way, users can ensure maximum privacy.

As a secure hardware wallet, Keycard is specially designed for the safe offline storage of private keys offline. With the Keycard integration, an added layer of security and autonomy is now available during operations.

Though the Status App Keycard integration is only available on Android, there is hope that the same integration will be available on Apple devices.

Previously, open-source messaging platform and mobile interface, Status (SNT) released developmental updates. They revealed several projects they’ve been working on, including an updated version of their mobile app, keycard integration, and Nimbus.


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