Stay in Shape and Earn at the Same Time With Amazy

The move-to-earn (M2E) movement is making waves. Health plays an important factor in our lives, where GameFi turned out to be a great success. As a result, Web 3 seems to be the ultimate gateway to staying fit and getting paid to do so. Well, there’s now a new player entering this market, Amazy.

In no time, they managed to get their name around. The team works with plenty of influencers and celebs. To sum up, they alone reach 700 million people. So, let’s see what Amazy is all about.

What Is Amazy?

Amazy is the new mover on the M2E block. The project has its roots in Russia. It was founded by Artem Nikolaev and Sergey Kosenko. These entrepreneurs have their roots in technology, gaming, and marketing. Artem published mobile games that have 3 billion downloads, and Sergey is a Russian blogger with over 5 million followers. 

Also, the Amazy team has been working on social media like there is no tomorrow. Moreover, the team expects a run of new participants. As a result, there will be a restricted onboarding system to eliminate bots.

It’s important to mention that Amazy runs on the BNB chain and seems to have a healthy game model. However, we need to point out that their initial setup looks very much like Stepn. As the game progresses, they will start to come up with different game mechanics. This can be as early as August 2022.

Amazy Tokenomics

Amazy has a two-token economy:

  • The AZY token is a BEP-20 governance token with a 1 billion supply. Claiming rewards is only possible when you stake this token.
  • The AMT token has an unlimited supply. It’s the internal utility and reward token.

At the time of writing, there haven’t been any pre or private sales, nor has there been an ICO. However, the team opened a whitelist for the AZY token. It’s also not clear yet, on which exchanges the token will get listed. CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap list the token but have no further information on it. Here’s more info on how to get your AZY tokens.

On the other hand, there will be plenty of different apps launching on the Amazy platform. These will generate income and the platform directs this income to the treasury. Eventually, AZY token holders will govern the platform. Also, Amazy will become a decentralized organization over time. Currently, the team leads the project.

Amazy gameplay

Source: Amazy whitepaper


With the AMT token, you can buy sneakers. They start at $100 but are currently not available yet. Just like the whole project that is still in startup mode. When you buy your first sneaker, you receive two units of energy that last for 5 minutes. This also earns you tokens as a reward. You generate energy every 6 hours by 25%, whereas buying more sneakers or creating rare sneakers gives you more energy.

Also, Amazy has hundreds of thousands of unique 3D sneakers. They all come with four attributes.

  • Performance
  • Fortune
  • Joy
  • Durability

Each sneaker has 4 chip slots which you can improve the attributes. For instance, when you level up. Keep in mind that you can use any chip, but only two of the same type per sneaker. Each sneaker can have three attributes.

  1. Fortune—This determines how much chance you have of getting a chest with chips. It also influences their quality.
  2. Joy—Affects the speed of burning energy.
  3. Durability—How much damage your sneaker has per effort.

There are four sneaker types

  1. Ranger—For slow, easy walks.
  2. Hiker—For fast walks and running.
  3. Sprinter—For runners.
  4. Coacher—Rare and multi-useable sneakers.

Furthermore, the sneakers all have five rarity classes. They also have five different levels. At genesis, there will be 15,000 sneakers. Once the ecosystem develops, owners receive benefits. All other sneakers in the game are a result of crossing existing pairs.

The Roadmap

The Amazy roadmap looks busy and promising. During Q1-2022 and Q2-2022, Amazy got the following milestones. Here are the most important ones:

  • Team formed.
  • Launched website and social networks
  • AMAZY NFT sneakers contest launched.
  • Signing launchpad in the public round.
  • Launched Miles app in iOS.

However, Amazy has other goals that will take place in Q3-2022 and Q4-2022. Here are some of them.

  • Exchange Listing.
  • Launching a rental system.
  • Exclusive NFT drops.
  • Launching new workout and training mechanics.
  • Creating NFT avatars.

Amazy is taking the M2E movement by storm. Everything is set in place to become the newest M2E project. This market looks promising with a giant potential to grow. To sum up, Amazy can fit in well. A project to keep an eye out on, when you want to be there, right from the start.

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