Safex is a decentralized marketplace that aims to shift the paradigm of trade towards cryptocurrency and blockchain commerce. It rewards crypto assets and allows for a secure enclave where people can buy and sell goods and services in exchange for decentralized cryptocurrency. We take a closer look at their recent developments.

Safex Wallet (v8)

  • Guidelines: Contribution guidelines are established to have a consistent flow for all developers who participate in the project.
  • Foundation: Established the foundation of the project and made an initial push to spawn the go lang module and communicate with it.
  • Bug Fixes: Bugs related to output indexes were fixed. Codes related to indexing outputs have been improved. This will prevent the wallet from going haywire.
  • Simplifying Codes: Heavy C++ codes have been converted into lightweight go lang code.
  • Layout: Improvements have been made in the data layout of the wallet.
  • Features design: Plans are getting formalized to accommodate the bitcoins keys if someone needed it, migration process and storage of data if it was activated, and most importantly the safex key storage and data storage related to transaction outputs and inputs.

Marketplace v1 (progress)

  • User journey development: Progress on the development of user journey into a graphical story map. This method will ensure that time is spent in a focussed manner and that the development is consistent.
  • Dashboard: A mockup and planning of a dashboard to display the total staked tokens, the interval timing for when revenue is paid, the accrued revenue and other metrics derived from this process will be displayed.

Website Update

  • The website update is in the pipeline for implementation. During the past week, the set up for hosting the new site and a few pages have been already implemented.


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