Swarm of Duty

Known as a database for decentralized applications (DApps), Bluzelle seeks to educate and empower its community. According to a recent report, Bluzelle would be rewarding delegators as part of its Swarm of Duty program.

In a Medium blog post on May 13, Bluzelle invited every token holder to participate in the Swarm of Duty program giveaway, with lots of rewards up for grabs.

About Swarm of Duty program

The Swarm of Duty is an incentivized program that Bluzelle had launched in April. The program is suitable for different stakeholders in the Bluzelle ecosystem. It not only enables them to become familiar with the token economics but also guides them about staking on the network through gamification.

The total prize pool of the program stood at almost 2.5 million BLZ tokens worth $30,000. Moreover, it is open to four categories: developers, validators, delegators, and ambassadors.

As a developer, you can win prizes by creating DApps on BluzelleNet. These apps should be able to tackle various special projects focusing on developments. As a token holder, you can win prizes by signing up as a validator to help run the Bluzelle network. Token holders can also win prizes when they delegate their tokens to validators.

Users would be able to claim any of these categories based on their level and interests. After completing each “duty” on the Swarm of Duty website, they would become eligible to receive a reward.

Delegation rewards up for grabs

During the May 13 to May 18 period, Bluzelle had called on all of its token holders o enjoy delegation rewards from the Swarm of Duty program. It involved all delegators to participate in securing the network to earn rewards and transaction fees, regardless of their technical expertise.

During the specified period, the testnet delegation feature became open for the public who could try it out with the target to reach the mainnet stage. To win some rewards from Bluzelle, the blog post also shared a tutorial for the users. The giveaway happened in two phases:

Giveaway 1

This first phase spanned from May 13 to May 18. During this time, each day the first 10 delegators received a reward of 1,000 BLZ. The six consecutive days represented six rounds with the count of first delegators happening according to the start time for each round.

Giveaway 2

The second giveaway is open for the users who could not become the first 10 delegators during the six rounds. This, however, is not time-bound and spans from May 13 to May 28.

On top of this, there would be a lucky draw of 30 winners on May 29. This is open for those that did not win Giveaway 1. According to the rules of the lucky draw, each winner can claim a prize of 500 BLZ.

Previously, we covered the report of Bitfinex offering users the opportunity to earn rewards by holding funds on the exchange wallet. Also, Zcoin revealed details of its upcoming block reward allocation for the next four years. Recently, Zilliqa had launched a new tool for its followers on Twitter dubbed SocialPay with an option to earn up to 500K $ZIL.


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