Tectum is the fastest third generation Layer 1 blockchain around. The chain can handle 3.5 million TPS (transactions per second). On the other hand, their flagship product, SoftNote, is an L2. They are a Bitcoin friendly solution for small payments. It’s also a competitor for the Lightning Network. However, it doesn’t settle in $SATS. SoftNotes are more like using paper money.

So, let’s take a look at what recent news Tectum has for us.

Tectum Is Now Registered as a Trademark

Indeed, Tectum is now registered as a trademark. The team filed this under the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Here’s the official trademark file #, SN: 97757504.

Having this trademark offers some positive advantages. It adds to the overall credibility of Tectum as a brand. For example, 

  • It distinguishes “Tectum” as a symbol of the fastest blockchain. Transactions in the Tectum blockchain will be almost instant.
  • Solidifies its position under CrispMind LTD. This is the company behind Tectum.
  • Stands to protect the brand and its integrity. This speaks for itself.

Tectum Welcomes SYSO as a New SoftNote Merchant

SYSO stands for ‘Simple Yet Sophisticated’. It’s a company based in the UK, and they offer personalized gifts. Everything is handmade and one-of-a-kind. Ideal, for instance, for weddings or other events. You can also order personalized gifts. Among others, their scented candles are famous. Their online shop delivers throughout the UK.

SYSO now accepts SoftNote as a payment option. This adds them to an ever-growing list of SoftNote merchants. Here’s a link to sign up and become a SoftNote merchant yourself.

New SoftNote Mint House

The mint section in the SoftNote wallet received major updates. The new Mint House section improves the user experience. These changes offer a more user-friendly experience when minting your own SoftNote. Most importantly, it makes the wallet more efficient and functional. 

As a result, minting is now reduced to only three clicks. This makes the minting, filling, or burning of SoftNotes easy. Even for newbies in the crypto world, it’s now easy to use the minting section.

The team added the ERC-20 network to the Blue Hub. This runs on the Ethereum network. You can find two new currencies on this network. Here they are: USDT (TRC20) and ETH (ERC20). This is a smart move since USDT on Tron (TRC20) is the most popular chain with the most transactions of all the chains USDT supports natively. In contrast, the Green Hub uses the T12 network. You can find three new coins in this Green Hub, BTC, ETH or USDT. Furthermore, the team also added the Three Protocol Token ($THREE) to SoftNote.

Use $TET Tokens on Travala

Travala is a leading online traveling agency. It allows for crypto payments. Recently, Travala added $TET as a payment option. For example, you can use $TET for the following features on Travala,

  • Seamless bookings.
  • Comprehensive travel options.
  • Exclusive deals.
  • Available in over 200 countries.
  • Crypto-friendly transactions.

So, you can pay now for your holidays with the $TET token. With Travala you can book flights, hotels, or activities. However, what sets them apart are their crypto payment options. You can pay with over 100 different cryptocurrencies. That’s besides standard debit or credit payment options.

Tectum on Galxe

Galxe is a platform where you can complete tasks and earn rewards. Now Tectum has new activities weekly on Galxe. This allows you to explore Tectum and earn rewards while doing so. By staying on the ball, you can earn these weekly crypto rewards. 

To take part in the Tectum campaign on Galxe is easy. Follow these two steps, and you’re set.

  1. Sign up on Galxe here, with this link.
  2. Now, start completing tasks and start earning points.


We brought you the latest Tectum updates. These include, among others, SYSO, a new merchant, Tectum is now an official trademark, or use $TET on Travala. Tectum’s flagship, SoftNote, also has new upgrades. For example, with updates to its Mint House. Altogether, Tectum keeps working on making its products more widely available. In the process, they also become easier to use.

The current $TET price is $13.22 with a market cap of $97 million. There’s a total and max supply of 10 million $TET tokens. Out of these, 7.3 million $TET tokens already circulate.



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