Tezos Introduces Protocol Proposal Delphi

Popular open-source blockchain platform Tezos has disclosed details of its newest protocol upgrade, Delphi.

Right after the proposal was announced by Nomadic Labs, Metastate, and Gabriel Alfour, Tezos integrated the Delphi proposal on September 3, 2020.

The Delphi proposal closely follows a Townhall meeting on August 19, 2020, where community members asked for a temporary protocol proposal. Specifically, one designed to improve gas performance while also facilitating smart contracts development on Tezos. Delphi is expected to bring the above changes as well as improve Michelson interpreter performance on the Tezos ecosystem.

According to a blog post, several performance improvements are expected following the introduction of Delphi. They include: 

  • Blocks will now include about 3.5x more simple tz* to tz* ops.
  • A block may also include 4x more FA2 transfers, and
  • A contract can carry out 10 times more internal calls.
More details on Delphi

Following protocols like Athens, Babylon, and Carthage, Delphi is the newest protocol upgrade on Tezos. The protocol is currently in the Exploration Vote stage. As usual, community members are solely in control of the future of the protocol. They decide the outcome of the protocol proposal by their votes. 

According to an official blog post, Delphi is expected to function as an intermediate proposal. Delphi will set the pace for a second protocol expected later this year. The upcoming second proposal will incorporate support for several features on the Tezos Dalphanet test network, such as baking accounts, Sapling, and more.

Apart from ensuring gas and Michelson improvements, Delphi will also boost the launch of creative decentralized apps (dApps) on the blockchain. The focus will be on dApps “that target areas like DeFi (‘Decentralized Finance’), collectibles, and gaming.” Ensuring gas improvements on its platform will furthermore make it easier for developers to create more ingenious smart contracts. Delphi will also lower storage costs as well as improve security on the Tezos Michelson interpreter. This latest protocol proposal by Tezos will also fix several minor bugs on the blockchain.

Voting is expected to continue for the next seven days on this proposal

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