Frontier wallet V2

On December 20th, 2021, the Frontier wallet V2 was launched. With the Frontier wallet, you will enjoy an array of new features and a faster transaction speed. It will bring all necessary DeFi dApps to the same platform. 

Almost 2 months later, the Frontier wallet was launched on Avalanche. Therefore, in this article, you will discover everything about it.

Frontier Wallet V2 on Avalanche

Take full advantage of the Ox aggregator integration for Avalanche (AVAX) trading. Moreover, staking and integrating assets, are still available. So are swapping and exploring DeFi apps. The Frontier wallet offers new and outstanding features.

Frontier Wallet V2 New Features

Frontier’s features like staking and swapping are still on offer. Therefore, users will be able to manage DeFi assets securely and easily. Highlighting the chain-agnostic advantages of Frontier. The wallet received a boost and some new features:

    • Transactions for the AVAX token and all C-chain-based assets are now available. 
    • Access to more DeFi applications is at one’s fingertips in one single place by connecting wallets to dApps easily. Wallet Connect is still the preferred choice for this, which connects all Web 3.0 wallets.
    • The Ox aggregator now powers Avalanche (AVAX) trading. See Ox as the liquidity endpoint for DeFi on Avalanche.
    • Frontier just became much faster. Avalanche is one of the fastest blockchains around. 
    • Push notifications enhancements to support deep linking.

In other words, the new features will allow for a better and more convenient user experience. Frontier added one more step in minimizing the wallet management. Here are other functionalities:

  • Avalanche Integration: Integrating Avalanche in Android and iOS dApps. 
  • AVAX token staking: Allowing staking of AVAX in mobile apps.
  • NFTs support: Keep track of NFTs by sending and receiving them on Avalanche.
  • Support for TrueUSD (TUSD): The frontier wallet will support the TUSD stablecoin launched on Avalanche.

How to Set Up the Frontier Wallet?

The Frontier wallet is an easy-to-use wallet. It already has over 50,000 downloads. A clear sign of how popular this wallet is. Moreover, the wallet is available for Android and iOS.

Setting up the Frontier wallet is very easy. Therefore, here is an easy-to-follow guide on how to do this. Have your mobile phone at the ready and tag along with the following steps.

First, go to the Apps Store or Google Play and look for “Frontier”.

Frontier Wallet

Then, click to “download”. Once downloaded, click to “open”.

Frontier Wallet

Next, tick the box, agreeing to Frontier’s ‘terms of use’ and ‘privacy policy.

Frontier Wallet

Out of the four available options, we create a new wallet. On the other hand, the other available options are to “import” or “connect a wallet” and to “track any wallet”.

Frontier wallet

In the next step, you need to set up the six numbers passcode of your Frontier Wallet. This is the same as a password, so make sure to store this pin code in a secure place. When lost, Frontier nor anybody else can recover it.

Saving the seed phrase

Then, you have to save the 12-word recovery phrase. This is one of the most important steps because it’s the only way to access the app. For instance, when the phone becomes unusable, this phrase helps in setting up the app on a new phone. The seed or recovery phrase is a readable form of accessing the app. It also accesses the private keys.

Therefore, whoever has access to this seed phrase, has access to the wallet. So, never share this recovery phrase with anybody. Also, make sure to store it in two or three safe locations.

Verifying recovery phrase

Then, the app asks for verification of the recovery phrase. It will ask for three random words from the recovery phase.

Adding wallet details

Now it is time to add the wallet details. This is nothing else, but enabling preferred wallets and giving them a nickname.

Enabling wallets

Also, in the above screen, there is a sample of which wallets users can enable. Pick the ones that are of use to your portfolios.

Frontier UI

At last, the set-up is complete. This is the UI of the Frontier wallet. The wallet is now open for business. Start staking, swapping, or exploring other dApps.

NFTs on The Frontier Wallet

Now that the Frontier wallet is up and running, it’s time to highlight some other features as well. Avalanche is well known for its NFTs. Right now, creating an NFT collection on Avalanche currently costs 0.01 AVAX, about $1. On the other hand, minting NFTs is even cheaper, around 0.001 AVAX.

However, after the minting, NFT’s need a safe storage location. That is where Frontier wallet comes in. This is one of the many functions this wallet offers. Moreover, Frontier allows for tracking, sending, and receiving NFTs.

It’s important to mention that Avalanche is an attractive blockchain with fast transactions. In less than a second, Avalanche can confirm transactions. The throughput is also spectacular. Avalanche handles more than 4,500 transactions per second. 

Finally, the Frontier wallet makes full use of this where you can hold 4,000+ crypto assets in one place. Making this the easiest way to track, send, store, invest in crypto assets. Moreover, trading is commission-free with low slippage.


The Frontier wallet managed to bring wallet management back to a simple task at hand. The new features added more convenience and ease of use for users. Furthermore, they also managed to add faster transactions, where the Ox aggregator is now also offering Avalanche trading. Finally, the frontier wallet will give you access to more DeFi applications in one single place. It an easy to set up a wallet and easy to use.

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