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According to cryptorank, the EnjinStarter IDO Launchpad has an ATH ROI of 11x with a 24-hour volume of $5.8 million and a marketcap of $49 million. On the other hand, compared to other platforms such as Seedify and GameStarter where you need a minimum of $8000 to invest in them, EnjinStarter allows you to participate in it for a quarter.

But not only that, its native token, $EJS, can be staked and used for farming to earn massive APY’s. But there is more coming up in the next 5 days that will turbocharge this revolutionary launchpad. Therefore, in this video, you will learn the latest updates of Enjinstarter and how you can get benefits from its developments.

What is EnjinStarter?

Functioning primarily as a launchpad focused on blockchain games, non-fungible tokens, and the emerging Metaverses, EnjinStarter gained its ground and due recognition in 2021. 

It launched on October 4th, 2021, and since then has completed 30+ IDOs including some big names and even bigger ROI’s as:

  • The Kill Box 53X
  • PathDAO 28X
  • Defina 24X

Built on the backbone of Enjin’s JumpNet, EnjinStarter lets content creators and gamers organize fundraising campaigns. Also, the platform lets them build strong communities and support systems using blockchain technology.

We have been watching the gaming launchpad space and we think that EnjinStarter has a lot to offer against other launchpads. Therefore, it seems that EnjinStarter is getting ready to up its game with Project Turbocharge. Seven initiatives will be announced between January 13th-21st all focused on this project. 4 out of these initiatives have already been announced and there is more on the way.

But before we dive deep into Project Turbocharge, let’s evaluate EnjinStarter’s basic value proposition. Here are the four main criteria for selecting a launchpad:

Four Things to Consider Before Selecting a Launchpad

1. Frequence of Project Launch

In December 2021, EnjinStarter hosted 17 gaming token launches. And almost 8 token launches in the last 15 days of January 2022. It’s keeping $EJS holders busy.

2. Criteria for a Guaranteed Allocation

In Nov 2021, EnjinStarter released its latest version of a 3-tier system. So for guaranteed allocation, you need a minimum of 25,000 EJS that amount to be close to $1,750. 

That’s quite a bargain when compared to platforms like Seedify that require minimum locking of SFUND worth $8k.

3. Pool Weight for Each Tier

EnjinStarter has 3 guaranteed tiers:

  • Universe – Pool weight 25
  • Metaverse – Pool weight 125
  • Multiverse – Pool Weight 700

The pool weight is your slice of pie. So if you stake 25,001 EJS you get into Universe Pool where the pool weight is 25 and it will determine your token allocation based on multiple parameters. However, in addition to pool weights, factors like token boost and time boost can enhance your allocation percentage.

For example, in Nov 2021, EnjinStarter upgraded Tier 3 by increasing the Time Boost multiplier by 3 times which means the longer you hold EJS, you get entitled to receive more allocation.

4. Cross-Chain Support

EnjinStarter is using Ethereum for now but in the project turbocharge they have deployed the BSC bridge which is LIVE now. Two-way transfer of EJS and wEJS Tokens between Ethereum and BSC networks via the ETH-BSC Bridge.
However, the goal has always been to build on Jumpnet and Efinity when they are fully launched.

Advantages of Holding $EJS

On the other hand, holding $EJS has more advantages now. Under the Project Turbocharge initiative, the project has launched staking and farming with massive returns.:

  • It will have 5 staking pools of varying durations (for both ERC20 EJS and BEP20 EJS).
  • Staking duration will be from 30 to 1800 days with min APYs from 50%-500% and initial APY of 5,000% to 50,000%. Staking will start on Jan 17th.
  • From Feb 1st, 2022, users will have to stake $EJS to participate in IDOs.

As you can see, farming is live and yields are impressive. Also, the stake pool size is growing, where the ETH %APY is close to 500% and BSC APY is close to 300%.

What is the Turbocharger Project?

Now that we have evaluated EnjinStarter as a launchpad, let’s quickly walk through this very interesting Project Turbocharger initiative and understand how it will supercharge $EJS utility leading to a potential price pump.

As their first initiative, EnjinStarter has put in $200,000 into the Uniswap EJS-ETH liquidity pool in the Turbocharge Project. This was completed on Jan 12th.

Moreover, this project had a $100,000 buyback which was also initiated on Jan 12th and will be completed over the next 4 days. From that budget, $24,000 worth of $EJS has already been brought back and we should be very close to seeing a price squeeze coming in.

More About EnjinStarter

EnjinStarter is introducing its $EJS burn mechanism. This means that a major supply squeeze could push the price up. Also, EnjinStarter will set up EJS Guild and tournaments which sounds like a perfect way to burn more EJS every month from prize pools and fees.

Moreover, the platform has a pipeline of some killer top Tier IDOs coming in Feb 2022. They promise these are going to be huge and we think that you won’t want to miss these.

It’s important to mention that EnjinStarter is next to close Series A with $3 million out of $5 million secured from a prominent crypto venture fund that has backed some of the biggest names in the space.

Last on the list is the going beyond Gaming IDOs. The team says it will be expanding focus to support more entertainment-themed projects including DAOs. So, if you want to participate in these developments, you need to stay tuned to their Twitter, telegram, and Discord channels. 

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