ECIO space battle P2E game

ECIO is a P2E game where you can have space battles with unique NFT characters and strategies. In its immersive gameplay, players can fight to conquer the galaxy and earn NFTs while you have fun.

As a result, ECIO is expanding its features by developing very important milestones that will boost its adoption. In this article, you will discover why ECIO has the potential to become a leading space NFT game.

Conquer Space with ECIO, A Space Adventure NFT Game  

ECIO is a P2E game built on top of the BNB Chain audited by CertiK and Verichain, two very prestigious security audit companies. Also, this NFT game has planned 3 versions in its roadmap that let players have 3 gameplaying modes: Party mode, adventure, and arena. You can play it here by connecting your metamask and creating a new account.

It’s important to note that ECIO has two native BEP-20 tokens:

  • LKM Token: It’s a utility token whose initial price is 0.0015 BUSD. Players can receive LKM tokens by defeating enemies. You can buy LKM on Pancakeswap now.
  • ECIO Token: With a max supply of 7 billion tokens, players will earn ECIO tokens while playing the game. However, you can buy them now on Pancakeswap.

Also, the ECIO token has many use cases and ways to earn it. Here you will find more info. However, that’s not all that this game has to offer. In ECIO, you can also earn 4 types of NFTs:

  • Space Warriors: These NFTs represent the characters of the game. You need to have between 3-6 of these NFTs to play the game. It’s important to mention that each space warrior NFT has 7 customized parts which allow each one to be unique.
  • Genomic Fragment NFTs: These NFTs represent the genome of each character. This means that you can clone any character with its genomic NFT.
  • Blueprint Fragment NFTs: Any player can upgrade their character’s skills with this kind of NFT.
  • Mystery Box NFTs: ECIO has mystery boxes that have unique hidden items.

Now that you know more about ECIO, let’s discover why the latest ECIO’s developments can boost its adoption:

Three Latest ECIO Developments  
1) Starter Pack + Referral Program

From June 8th, ECIO is giving three warriors and weapons for free so anyone can start playing the game for free.

  • Warriors: One tanker, a fighter, and a supporter.
  • Weapons: Two bionic and one Kinetic.

Also, ECIO is launching its referral program. This will add more benefits to players by inviting people to join ECIO. Find more info here.

2) Upgrading Tokenomics with Alpha Launch

ECIO is a game that is constantly upgrading its features so everyone can win in the short and long run. Therefore, in the Alpha Launch, the game will upgrade its tokenomics model. Here are some of them:

  • Reduced the LKM token rewards by 30% in stages 7-12
  • Increase EXP (experience points) earned by each monster is 50% in stages 7-12
  • Max rewards for level 2 will be 20,000 ECIO tokens.
  • The NFT rewards were increased 100% in every Boss Hunter.

Discover all the info here.

3) Neuron Lab

Neuron Lab is the latest feature of this NFT game. Players can increase the level of their warriors by consuming ECIO and LKM tokens. It launched publicly on May 25th.

In all the 5-level ranks, users will be able to increase the success rate by at least 30% which will make warriors have more materials. Definitely, an opportunity to leverage the warrior’s level and earn more NFTs.

Also, discover more about Neuron Lab here.


ECIO is a Space Action NFT game that was recently launched on April 20th. You can start playing it with a free starting package that will help you earn tokens and NFTs during the gameplay.

Finally, this game has just started and many improvements and developments will be reached in the future. Keep an eye out and enjoy playing it.

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