TomoChain Updates its Swapping Fees

Well-known blockchain platform TomoChain has announced several updates to its previous swapping fees.

According to the TomoChain, it has been subsidizing fees on the TomoBridge so its users can enjoy low swapping fees. The blockchain platform believes it is time to revamp these fees.

The blockchain platform made this announcement in a series of tweets. Pointing out that the decision to revamp its fees is a result of the ever-increasing Ethereum chain gas fees.

Ethereum gas fees are currently at an all-time high. The blockchain platform is also generally slow and suffers greatly from congestion. Ethereum has, however, disclosed plans to launch its ETH 2.0 update. An update it has touted as the solution to all its scalability issues.

TomoChain also disclosed that it has been subsidizing most of the actual swap fee since the inception of TomoBridge. Adding that it was no longer feasible to continue with the subsidies.

The revamped fees

Despite the increase in fees, TomoChain assured users that the updates have been kept to the minimum level possible. The fees updates were on its TomoBridge USDT, ETH, and LUA swapping fees. The updates include

  • USDT (TRC21) tokens to USDT (ERC20) then is now $60 per transaction.
  • ETH (TRC-21) tokens to ETH (ERC-20) will cost 0.03 ETH per transaction.
  • Lastly, LUA (TRC-21) tokens to LUA (ERC-20) will cost 480 LUA tokens per transaction.

These fee changes are expected to commence from March 22, 2021.

TomoChain furthermore thanked its entire community member for the continued support and assistance.

Binance adds support for TomoChain’s TOMOE

Alongside the swapping fee update, popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance has added support for TomoChain’s other native token TOMOE. This is also great news for the entire TomoChain community. Now, community members can easily deposit and trade both TOMOB (this was added some time back) and TOMOE on the Binance exchange. So now Binance supports 3 versions of TOMO on 3 chains: TomoChain, Binance Chain, and Ethereum.

The blockchain platform confirmed this announcement via Twitter. Also adding that the support from Binance is a great addition to its platform.

TOMO price

At the time of writing, TOMO was trading at $2.81, with a market cap of $227,202,663 and a 24-hour trading volume of $73,842,459.

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