TON and Gram are about to arrive

Things are looking up for Telegram. The mogul messenger platform has updated Terms of Use for the Gram Wallet and added information about its TON blockchain. 

To date, Telegram has preferred to avoid the mention of TON and Gram. Some believe that this cryptic behavior is explained by the fact that Pavel Durov, Telegram CEO, wants to create a lot of hype around the projects. However, the time has come to disclose details. Not least due to the fact the deadline for the launch is October 31st (or Durov will have to return $1.7 billion).

According to the Term of the Use, you may use the Gram Wallet as an independent application. Or you may integrate it alongside with Telegram messenger. “We have no control over the TON Blockchain network and therefore cannot ensure that any transaction details that you submit via the Services will be validated and confirmed on the TON Blockchain,” the document reads.

Besides, Telegram will not keep either personal information of its users nor their public and private keys: “You are solely responsible for managing and maintaining the security of your Credentials. If you lose your Credentials, we do not have the ability to recover your Credentials or assist you in retrieving your Credentials, and you may not be able to access your Grams.”

What is TON all about?

Telegram launched its blockchain in 2018. In May, it raised $1.7 billion in the world’s largest ICO.

Telegram says that it has a 4-stage plan of action:

TON Services, TON DNS, TON Payments, and the TON Blockchain.

Telegram launched its platform in 2013. Currently, the number of users stands at 200 million people.

Besides, here are some more facts about Telegram according to the TON Whitepaper:

Telegram users sent 70 billion messages daily;

52 million people constantly use almost 800 thousand active bots;

About 30 billion views on channels are recorded monthly. And a total audience makes about 80 billion people.

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