top 10 coins for 50x your portfolio in the bull run

In general terms, all that we desire is to build the world’s best crypto portfolio. One that can balances risk & returns, and performs well even in a bear market. So I sat down to build a portfolio of crypto coins that could be 50X my crypto portfolio. 

So, in this article, I will share all the intel with you. Don’t forget to read this article until the end because you get will know 3 GEMS that we think can supercharge your portfolio returns too. Here’s how exactly I have set up my portfolio for potential 50x gains.

1) Bitcoin (BTC)

If Bitcoin is not a meaningful part of your portfolio, then you are doing it wrong. It needs to be a part of your portfolio and for me, it’s a big part 35%. Keep buying, HODLing, or doing your DCA strategies at these levels.

So, when Bitcoin gets to $500,000 each, which I think it will, the difference between buying at 18k and 21k will be a rounding error.

2) BNB

BNB is a full 15% of my portfolio. Why? It’s a bet on the continued success of Binance. Also, I love their burn program designed to get their total supply. Currently, 165 million BNB tokens will be reduced to 100 million. That’s their stated goal and we think they will get there.

They burned almost 2 million BNB last quarter and they are on track to burn a little more than 2 million this quarter. I love deflationary tokens


My 3rd coin is MATIC and has 12% of my portfolio. I know it seems like I have an ongoing love affair with Polygon. But, in my view, you get the best of Ethereum with app access while getting the best of all Layer 2’s like speed, low fees, and good tech like zero-knowledge proofs all in the same place.

Plus MATIC is a full 4x away from its all-time high. So the idea of a project this big being able to do a 10x or 50x is pretty reasonable to us. And don’t forget, the 3 gems in my portfolio are coming.

4) Stablecoins

Now we are at a very important point in my portfolio. I have 62% covered in just our 3 biggest tokens. And I am OK with this concentration as I think all 3 are great long-term holds. But what about when a new opportunity presents itself. What do you do?

Well if you do like I do, then you should have 10% of your portfolio in stablecoins ready to make a new buy when given the chance. In the meantime, continue staking, saving, and earning some interest on those stables since you can get between 2-15% depending on where you do it.

So, if you are interested in my passive income strategy here is a step-by-step video for that. This definitely gives my portfolio a little extra juice.

5) The Graph (GRT)

Next at 8% of my portfolio is The Graph (GRT). Their indexing and querying protocol for blockchain data and APIs make it easier to build apps. 

This play is if you are long dApps and the building out of ecosystems as The Graph is #1 in its category.

6) Polkadot (DOT)

I hope you are noticing the theme here. Picking sector leaders. My selection here is Polkadot (DOT) which has 6% of my portfolio. Now you might be thinking why not Cosmos? They seem far ahead of DOT in the development of new Layer 1’s.

And you know what? You’re right. They are. But we prefer DOT for 2 reasons:

  1. DOT has room to grow just to get where ATOM is now.
  2. DOT uses crowdloans, bonding, and parachain leases to restrict the circulating supply and create many long-term holders of its coin in a way that ATOM does not. And that’s why as an investment we prefer DOT.
7) Avalanche (AVAX)

In the alt Layer 1 group, the leader that I like and have for 5% of my portfolio is Avalanche. Despite the bad publicity and accusations of suing its competition in US courts, I still like AVAX a lot. And mostly for 2 reasons:

  1. Their subnet technology.
  2. Their DeFi protocols are some of the best in the industry.

Three Gems

Now with 91% down and only 9% of our portfolio left, this is where we add to our small-cap exposure. Here are those gems that could be 100x or even 500x if they become the BNB or Polkadot of tomorrow.

Let’s see what I picked. Success in any of these 3 can really pump up the total return of your portfolio.

Gem 1: Kujira

Has great apps and survived the LUNA debacle to go start its own chain to help all Cosmos investors.

Gem 2: Lukso

I like Phygital NFTs and think Fashion has lots of room to grow

Gem 3: Fuse

I am a fan of the Fuse Cash App to make crypto easier for beginners and Voltage’s DeFi options


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