Top 10 DeFi Updates | DAO Maker Venture Yield | November Week 4

We expect to see a continued increase in DeFi investors as the year 2021 comes closer to a conclusion.

Last week, several exciting updates took place in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. To keep our readers informed, we have compiled ten of these top DeFi updates. The DAO Maker Venture Yield upgrade and DFG 200,000 DOT token investment in the Efinity crowdloan are some of the top DeFi updates of last week.

1 – DFG Donates 200,000 DOT to Efinity

Global crypto investment firm Digital Finance Group (DFG) added support for Efinity. The platform contributed 200,000 DOT tokens to Efinity’s crowdloan plan. Thus, this will help Efinity in its race to obtain a parachain slot.

2 – Cyclos | Solatars to Launch “Le Cougar Clique”

Solana-based Cyclos, in partnership with Solatars, has announced plans to launch the “Le Cougar Clique” NFT drop. Moreover, the launch will help drive more use cases for Cougar Den (the platform behind the project and also the Cyclos ecosystem).

3 – Celer Network | Kava Labs

Transferring assets between Kava and other EVM blockchains is now possible, thanks to Kava Labs cBridge 2.0. In line with this, Celer Network has also announced a strategic partnership with Kava. Therefore, giving them the opportunity to make use of the Kava cBridge.

4 – NFTrade Partnership With MoonPay

Last week, blockchain-agnostic NFT platform NFTrade has announced a strategic partnership with payment processing platform MoonPay. Thanks to the partnership, interested persons can now purchase NFTs directly with fiat currencies and credit cards.

5 – DAO Maker Venture Yield Upgrade Goes Live

Last week, crypto launchpad platform DAO Maker launched its much-anticipated Venture Yield upgrade. The upgrade included the Victoria VR SHO and will also involve 10.5 million DAO tokens. Specifically, these tokens will be distributed over a period of 1,095 days. That is 3.5 million DAO tokens every year.

Find out more about the Venture Yield upgrade here.

6 – Poolz Invests in ECIO

Decentralized IDO platform Poolz last week invested in metaverse project ECIO. ECIO shows great potential in the blockchain gaming space. The metaverse platform is also known for enabling its players to create about 41 million different gaming characters. Also, these characters can also be used to fight and earn rewards.

7 – Chainlink Integrates DODO/USD Trading Pairs

Popular oracle platform Chainlink (LINK) has integrated DODO/USD trading pairs. The oracle platform is known for providing top-notch, secure, and reliable price feeds in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

Integrating DODO/USD trading pairs will furthermore help to facilitate the adoption of BreederDodo’s native DODO token.

8 – NFTrade Launches NFT Launchpad

Last week, cross-chain NFT platform NFTrade launched its NFT metaverse launchpad. The launchpad will give NFTrade native token (NFTD) holders access to important features like INO (Initial NFT Offerings), etc.

9 – Moonbeam Wins Polkadot Second Auction

Polkadot smart contract platform Moonbeam has won the second Polkadot auction with over 35 million DOT tokens contributed by more than 200,000 contributors worldwide. Thus, Moonbeam will join the chain at block height 8179200 along with the other five auction winners.

The block height 8179200 is expected to take place on December 18, 2021.

10 – Stake DAO Partners With Harmony ONE Protocol

Harmony ONE protocol recently partnered with multi-service DeFi platform Stake DAO. Therefore, interested persons can now stake their ONE tokens on Stake DAO to earn rewards.

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