Top 3 Crypto Passive Income Strategies

Here is something that you may not know. Crypto traders are making consistent daily income even in this bear market. How? The answer is very simple, the passive income way. But there is a problem. 

So, there are so just too many options and you are unaware of the risk/reward ratio of these passive income opportunities.  I took the matter into my hands and invested my own $10,000 in 3 strategic ways that are my all-time favorite. In this article, I am going to show you how much did I make on each of these and how can you do the same. So, read until the end for a great opportunity to earn $256 per week.

Crypto Passive Income Strategy #1 – Earn $10 Per Day

We call it our Blue chip Staking Strategy. For our Blue Chip Strategy, we naturally stake top quality blue chip projects and top stablecoins. First of the 5 coins for this staking strategy is CAKECAKE is the native token of PancakeSwap, the biggest AMM in the Binance BNB Smart Chain ecosystem.

So, in my blue Chip Staking Strategy sheet. Out of my $10K, I have put $5K in CAKE. That’s because it has the second highest APY out of my list 64.68%. Staking CAKE on PancakeSwap is super easy to do. All you have to do is:

  1. Go to Pancakeswap
  2. Connect your BSC Compatible Wallet. Popular choices include Metamask, Trust Wallet, and Coinbase Wallet but it works with many types including WalletConnect compatible wallets
  3. Go to Pools
  4. Select Stake CAKE and Locked Staking
  5. Select the time you want to lock your CAKE there to earn interest. You can go from 1 week up to a year but the longer you stake, the higher your APY. 

Now, for the rest of the strategy. How did I invest the other $5000?

  • I locked $2000 in Binance Savings. It’s very simple and works just like a bank savings product. So you deposit your money and earn interest. 8% is an excellent interest rate while keeping your stablecoins available for your next purchase. Also, it’s another $160 per year.
  • Then the last 2 coins on our Strategy #1 are DOT and MATIC. I am taking advantage of staking again, but this time on Binance. Binance Staking offers 12% and 14%. We are for the long term on these projects so the idea of earning 12-14% payable in a coin we want more of is a great deal to us. For $1000 for DOT and $2000 for MATIC, we end up with an added $115 and $275 per year. That puts our total to $3,784 on our $10,000 or a 37% return on our investment.

Note: Risks here are very low with these all being top blue chip projects.

Crypto Passive Income Strategy #2 – Earn $12 Per Day

We are calling this one our Zero Risk Strategy. Of course, nothing is zero risk in crypto but the risks here are low due to the quality of the projects. We start the same as our blue chip strategy with $5000 in CAKE. So, instead of $2000 in Binance Savings, we have $1000 in Binance Savings this time.

So that’s $6000 of our 10k invested already and earning us $3300 or $9 per day. Now for the rest, the other $4000. Here we are Binance Staking again but we have some different recommendations for you. Here we are choosing 3 of our favorite long-term projects:

  • ROSE is the native token of the Oasis Protocol, one of the leaders in building privacy-based blockchains. They want to bring DeFi to everyone including private lending.
  • NEAR is the native token of the NEAR Protocol. If you are excited about ETH 2.0, Near is a Layer 1 that uses sharding already, a future goal of ETH for scalability.
  • ATOM is the native token of Cosmos, simply one of the biggest ecosystems in the industry.

So, staking these 3 is a good bet on industry growth. We are staking $4000 total. That’s $2000 for Cosmos as they are a little more established and $1000 each for Oasis and Near. Rates vary between 22%-30% so all 3 pay nicely. The total here is $12 per day or $84 per week for low risk

Crypto Passive Income Strategy #3 – Earn $256 Per day

I call it my low-risk Strategy. So, when you see an eye-popping number like this, it probably makes you wary now. We understand. Lots of us got burned in this market. But this is a doable, potentially sustainable strategy. So, half or $5000 is invested just like before in staking CAKE and Binance Savings in USDT or BUSD.

So, the big returns come from where the other half comes from. Here we are staking EVMOS. EVMOS is a DEX on the Cosmos chain but it also lets people use their Ethereum and EVM (ETH Virtual Machine) assets on the Cosmos chain.

Use Staking Rewards

How do we stake EVMOS and get 225%? Using the data from our friends at staking rewards, we can see that many validators offer this or a similar return. We have to pick one. So let’s try the first one on the list, Golden Ratio Staking. Their website says they are a Cosmos Validator. Good start.

They’ve staked 2.6 million OSMO (Osmosis) already as you can see from their contract address on the Cosmos Block Explorer. Also good. They’ve staked $3 million worth of ATOM too. So, you can connect your wallet, stake with them, maintain control of your coins and earn interest. And you must delegate your vote to them too.

This $5000 earns us $11,250 or $31 per day just by itself. It’s not some tiny project either. EVMOS is the #80 value project in the industry. This is a great deal.

So whether you are a crypto whale or crypto shrimp or any other fish in the crypto space, you can make money consistently whether the market is going up or down.

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