top coins to explode post ada hardfork

We may be neck deep in bear market blues but that does not mean crypto development has halted. Cardano is on the verge of a historic upgrade. Not as big as Merge but this could supercharge ADA’s price action. Not only ADA but some of the Insane potential project buildings on top of ADA could explode soon after this upgrade.

Here I am diving right into my top picks from the Cardano ecosystem. But if you want to understand what is the Cardano Vasil Hardfork and what major advantages will it bring to the Cardano ecosystem and the project’s building on it, I am breaking it down for you at the very end of the list of my top picks. Which ones are these? Let’s take a look:

1) Ardana

Number #1 on my list is Ardana with its token DANA and there is a big reason behind that.  Cardano is about to announce the launch of their native stablecoin soon, the dUSD, and Ardana is the all-in-one hub for this. They are the leading stablecoin project on Cardano. In short, you will be able to mint, trade, stake, lend, and borrow. And you can do this all in the same place. 

You can check out our June video about them. DANA is a utility and governance token. It has good tokenomics to boost. The current price is almost $0.184 and there are 125 million DANA tokens. 40.2 million are in circulation and the market cap is $7.4 million. Also, 58%  is already staked which is a really good number to create upward price pressure. 

They have an active community. Especially considering that we are in a bear market. So, if Cardano takes off, they are one of the first projects to reap the rewards. Does Ardana have all signs on green? Let us know in the comments how you feel about this project.

2) Milkomeda

This is an interesting and promising project. But, Milkomeda is yet to roll out any token. So Milkomeda is one of the projects under our radar. But there are two more Cardano projects on my list after this. 

Coming back to Milkomeda, It allows Apps to work in various blockchains. They cover DeFi, Bridges, Games, and NFTs. Also, Milkomeda builds an EVM-enabled L2 for Cardano. It’s built as a separate chain. You can compare it to EVMOS on Cosmos or the C-Chain on Avalanche. 

They do this for a combination of design and security reasons. EVM has some vulnerabilities that ADA’s own contracts and software may not have. So, this way they stay separate, reducing the risk as an ADA user. It’s a very smart design. An innovative design because wrapping assets isn’t easy. It’s like Kusama but for Cardano.

This is why Cosmos and AVAX do that too. Milkomeda will also launch on Algorand and Solana soon. On Algorand they already have a Testnet. Also, Milkomeda has gaming grants, up to $15,000. That’s good news. Especially now that gaming is enjoying renewed interest.

In addition, it remarkable is that they gained a lot of traction, without even having a token yet. So, do we think of a possible airdrop? I most certainly do. Are you as excited about Milkomeda as I am? Let me know what you think about this project in the comments.

3) Meld

Numer #3 on our list is Meld with its token MELD. Meld is a non-custodial DeFi protocol for lending and borrowing. You can borrow fiat against your crypto. In the meantime, you earn interesting yields on your crypto collateral. 

You can find information on their team on LinkedIn. Polygon is one of their partners. This means that Meld has some good and experienced advisors on board. Then, MELD also has a debit card coming out. It will function like a Visa/Mastercard. You can pay for goods and services with the card, or use the card to store borrowed fiat.

Their MELD token goes for just under $0.019. There are 4 billion tokens and 2.22 billion already circulate (CMC). The market cap is $46 million (CMC). So, if you like to find out more about Meld, here’s our latest article on them. So, how do you feel about Meld? Let us know in the comments section.

4) Eikonikos

Number #4 on our list is Eikonikos, an interesting project that offers metaverse passports. They are a Cardano metaverse project and could become big. Let me tell you they are yet to roll out their token. 

You can get these passports at the JPG. store NFT marketplace on Cardano. Their floor price is currently at 175 ADA. That’s about $80. If Cardano does well, this might take off.  So, you know that can stake ADA and get more ADA. You can also stake your Eikonikos passports and get more ADA. Plus, you can get all the metaverse assets as airdrops along the way.


The project is still in Beta launch mode, but their trailer is awesome. Let us know what you think about the video in the comments. Do you like it as much as I do?

5)  SundaeSwap

Last on our list is SundaeSwap. The first comprehensive DEX on Cardano with its token SUNDAE. In this video, we talked extensively about SundaeSwap back in February. They have an impressive following on Twitter, of over 287K followers. These followers also engage in their posts, so that’s always good to see. 

Their user interface is good and easy to use. Furthermore, they support no less than 6 wallets. For instance, Nami or Eternl. We just wrote an article about the Nami wallet. Their SUNDAE token goes for almost $0.025. As a Cardano OG token, it may do well if the Vasil fork is successful.


Ok so to wrap all this up. Three coins in the Cardano ecosystem that hold insane potential are  DANA, MELD, and SUNDAE. Let us know in the comment which projects your favorite one is. Or did I miss a project that you like? Let us know!

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