6 coins set to explode

To make the most of a bear market you just need 2 things. #1 List of altcoins that will explode in the next bull run. Then, #2 when is the best time to buy these coins? That’s all you need. Now you can get your hands on some of these top Coins on Binance, at heavily discounted prices. That’s possible due to the bear market and with our current Binance promotion where you can win rewards up to $800.

So, we start with having a look at some Large and mid-cap coins. Some of them you may know already. Others may be lesser known. But, they all have one thing in common, they will be the next bull run heros. We will also tell you how you can get some juicy rewards and discounts for some of these coins.

Coin #1: BNB

This coin will hardly need any introduction. This is the coin that makes the Binance exchange go around. You can use it to trade and pay fees on the exchange. You can even get a 25% discount on trading fees as a BNB holder. This is for spot or margin trading fees. For future trading fees, that discount is still 10%. Also, there are a few different ways how to earn passive income with BNB. 

  1. You can lock it in the BNB vault. This combines rewards from Flexible Savings and Launchpool. It offers competitive returns and can add up to a nice overall reward. 
  2. The other option you have is to stake BNB in flexible staking. The current reward is at 3.59% APR. This means that you can unlock it at any time.
  3. Another option is to use locked staking for 120 days. Now you get a 12.99% reward or APR.
  4. Nowadays, the price of BNB is $278.75 marketcap is $45.5 billion.

Coin #2: GLMR

GLMR is Moonbeam’s native token. It’s a utility token that does just about the same as ETH does on the Ethereum chain. However, you can also stake it, and it lives in the Polkadot ecosystem. Binance currently offers 4 different staking options. You can stake GLMR for:

  • 120 days and receive 59.8% with a max of 20 GLMR.
  • 90 days and receive 27.4% with a max of 20 GLMR.
  • 60 days and 30 days of staking are sold out.

7 GLMR price is $0.608253 MC is $218m

Coin #3: ROSE

ROSE is the native, utility, and settlement token for Oasis Protocol. Binance offers to stake

  • 120 days at 27.38%.
  • 30 days at 4.8%.
  • 90 and 60 days already sold out.

Nowadays, the price of ROSE is $0.064707 with a marketcap of $325 million.


Coin #4: MINA

MINA is the native token of Mina Protocol and claims to be the lightest blockchain in the world. Mina is the native token, used for payment settlements. Staking on Binance offers:

  • 120 days 29.79% 100 tokens.
  • 90 days 25.4% 60 tokens.
  • 60 days 16.9% 600 tokens.
  • 30 days 10.8% 100,000 tokens.

Actually, th price of MINA is $0.6669 with a marketcap of $393 million. Now, if you buy for $200 ROSE, currently at 7 cents, you have a coin that has the potential to do 100x.

But with our Binance offer, where you can win up to $800, you basically get this coin for free and have another $600 worth of value.

Coin #5: LIT

LIT is the native token of Litentry is a decentralized cross-chain Identity Aggregator. They can link user identities across many networks. Binance staking offers:

  • 90 days 18.97% max 40 LIT.
  • 60 and 30 days are already sold out.

Currently, the price of LIT is $0.7237 with a marketcap of $26.8 million.

Coin #6: ONT

ONT is the native token of Ontology and is available for staking in binance. On Binance, the reward is in ONG, the utility or gas token on Ontology. They protect your data and identity through encryption. Binance staking offers:

  • 120 days 20.38% in ONG, max 300 ONT.
  • 90 days sold out.
  • 60 days 7.86% in ONG, max 30,000 ONT.
  • 30 days 5.21% in ONG, max 50,000 ONT.

The price of ONT is $0.2388 with a marketcap of $208 million. Also, the price of ONG is $0.3518 with a fully diluted valuation of $351 million. Don’t forget the Binance offer with $800 on bonuses.


So, we showed you some current top coins on Binance. Some are old hands, like BNB. Others are newer, and you may not know them yet or have heard of them. But, we believe that these coins can do well in the next bull run. Presently, they are on sale. 

As an extra benefit, you can stake all the coins we mentioned today. Binance offers some interesting rewards. It’s always worthwhile to keep an eye out on their staking page.


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