Top 6 P2E videogrames

We see that the crypto market continues to keep moving sideways. One day, everyone turns into a bear. The next day, with a 2% price increase, we’re all bulls again. But one sector that continues to move forward, is the blockchain gaming market. It’s alive and kicking!  

Take a look at these statistics in Q1 of 2022 investors have already poured $2.5 billion into crypto games reports indicate that the sector is about to see massive growth in Blockchain Games. The big names like Axie or The Sandbox keep powering forward. Which is, of course, great to see.

However, this video is not about the gaming projects that have already made it big. Therefore, we are going to do something different today. We will introduce you to 6 new up-and-coming blockchain game projects that seem to be in line to become the next biggest hit.

1) Altered State Machine

Altered State Machine (ASM) is a platform that created AI-powered agents. You can own and trade them using NFTs. In turn, you can use them in Blockchain Games, the metaverse, or in a financial way.

At the core of each agent is the Brain. This is further combined with Memories. These are behavioral strategies. Furthermore, there is a form. For example, how does it operate and what does it look like. 

Therefore, this allows you to upgrade NFTs like Meebits or a Bored Ape to an ASM agent. Now, to train your ASM, you make use of a Gym. Also, you can build, train, and trade your AI agents using NFTs as their platform. As a result, they keep learning because of their AI. Moreover, you can use these NFTs for example in:

  • DeFi
  • Fashion
  • As a digital assistant
  • For travel management
  • In the supply chain.

As a result, games will become smarter and more personal. But, you can also use it in DeFi and for trading. Or how about a trainable metaverse avatar that moves between VR and AR? How about starting a new career as an NFT trainer? Either way, Altered State Machine has a patent-pending regarding all this! Very exciting options here!

2) Plutonian

Next up is Plutonian. This is an MMORPG VR open metaverse game. It is a space shooter and strategy game. Moreover, their team built on Solana. It is also the brainchild and flagship of U.A. Fabrica Game Studios. 

There is a combination of Homeworld strategy and Velocity City shooting. VR and the metaverse are also in the mix. For the visuals, they use Unreal Engine 5, with the expected stunning results. Furthermore, the game is a hybrid between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. However, it has all the benefits of Web 3.0.

Plutonian launched two tokens on April 20th, just a few days ago. These are the PLD and RPC tokens. This happened on Solana DEXs, including Aldrin. You can already farm the tokens at 1760% for PLD or 2178.7% for RPC. Both with USDC. This will get you the fuel token PU238 in return or NFTs. 

To move your spaceship, you need to burn the fuel token PU238. Like, literally. A bigger ship requires more fuel tokens to fly. However, in return, you can carry more (load) around. That’s where the strategy comes into play. There is already an exciting VR demo up and running. The creators of these games let their fantasy go crazy!

3) Arenum

And on we go to our next pick, Arenum. The team built this game on Solana and they target three different game audiences:

  • Gamers
  • Game developers
  • Crypto investors

Casual fiat-based gamers can take part in GameFi and crypto-eSport. The launch date for the crypto product release V1 is May 4th. So, you still have time to look this up! 

In the meantime, the team completed most of the beta testing. However, Q3 will see another beta test. The main public launch is due for Q1-2023. The platform has been set up for mobile play, but here is a desktop version as well.

The interesting thing about this is that this is an already existing game. They are planning to gradually switch to blockchain and crypto. PUBG mobile, Call of Duty, and Brawl Stars tournaments are in full swing as we speak. You can download the app on your mobile phone and join the other 2 million players.

Start earning now in one of the many tournaments held each day. The game swaps all your current assets into ARENUM (ARNM) tokens. These launched on December 29th, 2021. 

Moreover, Kucoin is the most recent listing, just a few days ago where you can stake ARNM tokens at Kucoin to earn 100% APY. 

4) Elfin Kingdom

The next game is a powerhouse as it combines yield farming, collecting NFTs, and mining. We’re talking about the Elfin Kingdom. Add a good dose of competitive E-sports into the mix, and we’re well on our way.

This MMORPG game has Pokémon as an inspiration. The game manages to fuse DeFi and P2E. In other words, tokens are up for grabs through gameplay and farming. A nice touch is that you can create your adventures. Also, Elfin Kingdom offers you to join their:

  • Community 
  • Social network
  • Jobs platform 
  • E-sports league

Moreover, the game also offers loads of various ways to keep earning:

  • Log in every day.
  • Compete in PVP or PVE battles
  • Complete a daily quest
  • Stake Elfin tokens
  • Summon Higher level Elfins. Sell them on the marketplace.
  • Sell Harvest or Land

Walk around the Elfin Kingdom and check out the building. Or go to the forest to catch Elfins. 

The game offers plenty of other features. How about a hospital? If your Elfin gets injured, this is the place to recover for the next 24 hours. Or a bank? So, you can make the most out of your earnings. Strategic play comes into the game!

Elfin Kingdom lets you choose your role. Chose wisely. Make sure to take advantage of the opportunities provided. Also, on April 27, the ELFIN token sale took place on TokenSoft and Dapp Radar showed some trading activity happening.

5) MyMetaverse

This leads us to our next game, MyMetaverse. Their motto is to play games, earn NFTs, and save the world. They do this by buying carbon. In turn, they lock this carbon into their NFTs. 

Furthermore, the game buys carbon credits. The team fractionalizes the carbon and you can buy it off them. As a result, you can now buy Carbon Credit-Backed NFTs. These have plenty of utility and you can use them in various Blockchain Games.

This game is part of the Enjin ecosystem that runs on Polkadot. Simon Kertonegoro is the main man behind this game. He has extended knowledge of Enjin’s idea of the multiverse. Because Simon is so familiar with all the Enjin ins and outs, he’s on to something. MyMetaverse is in a good position to become a top first mover. 

But first things first, though. The team has already a few Blockchain Games up and running:

1. MyMeta MMO, you can grow your community of AI-driven metas. With these, you can explore a virtual theme park.

2. MyMeta Minecraft is a multiplayer survival and arena experience. In other words, it’s the first and only NFT-powered Minecraft network.

3. MyMeta GTA—Classic GTA role play laced with NFTs. 

4  MyMeta Arcade is a group of fun mini- Blockchain Games combined with many NFTs.

In addition, your voice counts through voting systems. This unlocks plenty of incentives that you can earn.

6) Time Raiders

On the other hand, the last game we are going to look at today is Time Raiders. You better get ready for the greatest NFT treasure hunt of all time. But with a twist! They added time travel as a bonus. The next moment you’re in a WWII area Spitfire. It’s shoot and loot to the max. Travel through time, fight enemies, and collect some loot. What’s in a day’s work, right? 

However, this loot allows you to upgrade your character. Or, you can make new items or decide to sell them. Get some of the native in-game utility token Xpendium (XPND). 

In addition, Time Bandits does not only add NFTs to the gaming, experience. What they try to do is to give you, the players, a feel back to the original and traditional gameplay. Therefore, give you that feeling back of the Blockchain Games that you know and are familiar with. Plus, they add some fun to the process.

What is there not to like? Join their treasure hunt and make the most of your time travel opportunity.

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