Top Crypto News November Week 3

We have seen unprecedented growth and development in the blockchain and crypto space in recent times. As a result, crypto investors and enthusiasts’ early adopters worldwide are increasing.

The blockchain space can also be rightly described as the most innovative tech of the 21st century. Therefore, this article will help to keep our readers informed of important upcoming crypto events.

1. Coingecko Upcoming NFT Conference’ GeckoCon.’

Popular data aggregator platform, Coingecko, has revealed details of its upcoming NFT conference. The conference dubbed “GeckoCon – NFTs Gone Wild” is set to take place from November 17th – 19th, 2021. And will include important seminars, workshops, presentations, etc. In other words, the conference will provide NFT enthusiasts with the opportunity to interact directly with top players in the NFT space.

On the other hand, Altcoin Buzz is also the event’s official media partner, with Shashwat Gupta expected to moderate the NFTs – Powering the New Digital Economy Panel. In addition, for the uninformed, Shashwat Gupta is the CEO and Founder of Altcoin Buzz.

2. VeChain (VET) PoA 2.0 Mainnet Upgrade

Singapore-based non-profit platform, VeChain, has announced plans for its upcoming PoA 2.0 mainnet launch. Therefore, the upgrade is expected to take place on November 16th, at precisely 8:00 am.

3. IoTeX MachineFi Launch

IoTeX has announced details of its upcoming MachineFi launch. The launch is scheduled to take place on November 17th, 2021. In addition, it will help connect the real world to the fast-rising machine metaverse.

According to IoTex, the MachineFi launch will usher in a new era and revolution as a fast, secure, and decentralized platform. Therefore, it aims to link up real-world data and devices to blockchain technology.

4. Elrond (EGLD) Maiar DEX Launch

Secure, fast, and scalable blockchain for dapps, Elrond has announced details of its upcoming Maiar DEX launch.

According to the official announcements, users will be able to add liquidity to the DEX platform starting from November 16th, 2021. Moreover, the $MEX token farming will also begin on November 19th, 2021.

5. LTO Network NFT 2.0 Roadmap

Finally, Europe’s top hybrid blockchain, LTO Network, has announced plans to publish its proposed 2.0 roadmap. The roadmap will be public on November 17th, 2021. And will throw more details on what LTO is looking to achieve shortly.

Therefore, we hope you’ve learned from the Top Crypto Events.

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