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The cryptocurrency space is currently showing a lot of bearish tendencies. Bitcoin is down by 4.21% over the last 24-hours and is currently trading at $41,180. Ethereum is also in the red zone. The foremost altcoin is down by 8.14% over the last 24-hours and is currently trading at $3,128.

There is a palpable fear among crypto investors. While this is no financial advice, it is definitely a good time to keep on ‘Hodling’ your crypto assets. Or better yet a good time to buy the dip.

The top crypto news today contains a general wrap-up of happenings in the crypto market as well as other top crypto events. Today’s crypto news includes AMC soon to accept both $SHIB and $DOGE tokens as well as Thetan Arena 100M $THC token burn.

Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today.

1. Crypto Market Wrap

Over the last 24-hours, the entire cryptocurrency space has sunk further in the red zone. According to analysts, crypto sentiments are extremely bearish with a lot of fear among traders. Wednesday’s selloff, resulting in liquidations valued at about $800 million further helped to accelerate price moves further down the charts.

Indicators show that Bitcoin and other Altcoins are showing signs of stability. However, we expect volatility in the crypto space to remain high throughout this month. There’s also been a dip in DEX exchange volume

2. Important Milestone Achievement on Wonderland DAO

Wonderland DAO has announced a strategic investment in crypto betting platform According to the announcement, this is the platform’s first-ever early-stage investment. By investing, Wonderland will bring huge value to projects further helping them to raise capital.

Wonderland’s allocation includes;

  • A private funding round of 596 million $BSGG tokens. The tokens were sold at $0.0056 alongside a lockup period of 3 months and linear vesting of more than 33 Months.
  • The DAO Bonus will be 1 billion $BSGG tokens at the IEO round and 500 million airdrop

3. AMC Theatre To Accept $SHIB and $DOGE Tokens

Interested persons will soon be able to make payments on the AMC Theatre website and mobile app using $DOGE and $SHIB tokens. CEO of AMC, Adam Aron made the announcement today on Twitter. The tokens are scheduled to be incorporated in March 2022.

4. Thetan Arena Token Burning Event

Blockchain-based e-sport game Thetan Arena has burned 100 million $THC tokens. The token burnt were gotten from Thetan Boxes. And directly from its supported DEX exchange. Notably, a whopping $12.12 million worth of THC tokens from the DEX was burned.

5. BCMC LP Mining And Farming on QuickSwap

The world’s first-ever multi-chain metaverse game, Blockchain Monster Hunt recently partnered with Quckswap DEX. Thanks to the partnership, BCMC LP mining and Farming is now live on the Quickswap DEX exchange.

Participants will also have the opportunity to earn dQUICK tokens for staking their LP.

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