Top Crypto Events December Week 1

The cryptocurrency market is attracting lots of attention. In other words, there’s a lot going on here. Therefore, to keep our readers informed, here are some of the top upcoming crypto events coming up this week.

And you will see, these upcoming crypto events include:

  • strategic updates
  • halvings
  • and vault launches.

Now, let’s take a look at some of these events.

1. ETNA Upcoming Vault Launch

First, we have ETNA. ETNA Network’s goal is interoperability among:

  1. DeFi
  2. NFT
  3. and gaming platforms.

Above all, to help reach this goal, ETNA is launching a vault.

Alongside the vault launch, stakers of ETNA tokens can earn as much as 60% APY. Liquidity providers on the other hand will earn 100% APR on all liquidity they provide. The vault launch will go live on November 29, 2021.

2. Bancor Network V3 Launch

Next, we have Bancor Network. To clarify, Bancor is an automated liquidity protocol. They are launching their V3. This new version started on November 29th. The launch will also involve a round table, providing interested persons with a sneak peek into what Bancor is trying to achieve. The roundtable will include important contributors like DeFi Dad, Yudi Levi, and Nate Hindman.

3. Zignaly (ZIG) Vault Launch

Third, we see that the Zignaly vault launch is around the corner. Zignaly expects it to go live on December 1, 2021.

4. Qtum Upcoming Halving Event

Next, for our 4th event is Qtum. In fact, Qtum announces its first-ever blockchain halving event. The halving will take place at block height 1,427,004. The chain expects to reach that block height on December 1, 2021.

What Qtum is trying to deal with is rising inflation. Therefore, cutting the block reward reduces the annual inflation rate of the blockchain to approximately 0.5%.

5. ODIN Protocol FREYA Mainnet Launch

Lastly, the non-profit Odin blockchain announces plans for its upcoming FREYA mainnet launch. The launch is scheduled for December 1, 2021. Above all, the FREYA mainnet launch is important for Odin. That’s because it will serve as a soft launch of the Odin mainnet.

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