Travala Building Ecosystem for Post-COVID-19 Travel Boom

Crypto travel and hotel booking platform has released its April 2020 monthly report. April report shows a significant drop in its services. This is majorly due to the current travel restrictions in place following the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

The travel company, however, continued to adopt a positive outlook despite the current situation. According to a blog post by the company, they are actively engaged in building their ecosystem in preparation for the expected post-COVID-19 travel boom.

The April report details

The month saw the booking of only 371 rooms. Understandably, it is a drastic drop in terms of booking numbers compared to the months before the current travel restrictions. However, users opted to pay using cryptocurrencies for about 53% of all bookings.

Bitcoin was easily the most preferred option with a total of 25% of all crypto payments. Pay followed suit with a total of 15% and native token (AVA) at 8% of all crypto bookings.

Payment methods on Travala

Source: blog

The crypto-friendly travel booking company sounded optimistic about picking up the slack as restrictions would start to ease over the next few weeks and months.

In the monthly overview for April, the platform reported the Top 7 visitors by country to be the United States, Vietnam, the United Kingdom (UK), Germany, India, the Netherlands, and Australia. The Top 7 countries booked include The United States, Egypt, Thailand, Australia, Japan, Sweden, and Vietnam.

Travala metric

Source: blog

Another major update shared by was its Smart program which has now 1,285 members. Notably, the program currently holds a  total of 5,321,500 AVA which represents 14.86% of the total AVA in circulation. also outlined several key initiatives as part of the April overview report in its blog.

  • AVA ecosystem development and focus on building products as part of its tech roadmap Q2.
  • Releasing its web application after two years of development.
  • The latest version of its mobile app 1.0.3 now available both on Android and iOS.
  • Integrating BUSD and USDC as payment options
  • Completing second quarterly token burn of 140,872 AVA, equivalent to almost $16,252

Previously, Huobi announced a partnership with the crypto-friendly travel booking platform. Also, Travala enjoys a successful partnership with, Litecoin, and Tron.


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