Yesterday, the CEO of TRON, Justin Sun, announced the commencement of a small workshop tagged TRONClass on twitter. The classes are for those who want to gain deeper knowledge about TRON, its technologies, tokens, and varied terms related to the blockchain technology.

Quoting the tweet:

“Our little workshop: #TRONClass is here! The purpose is to introduce and explain #TRON & #Blockchain related terms to those who are new to this area. In today’s #TRONClass, we are going to explain what is #TRX. Check it out! #TRON $TRX”

Justin’s tweet was followed by a video which was the first TRONClass. The 26-seconds video lesson explains TRX using a language that is easy-to-understand. The video already had over 28,000 views within just 24 hours. The videos during the workshop are concise and straight to the point. It’s not entirely aimed at marketing but majorly at providing relevant information quickly and effectively to interested parties. The first video in the series was on Tronix (TRX) token. It explains how the token allows you to vote for the network’s Super Representatives and also gives you the bandwidth you need to use the network.

In 2018, TRON bought the BitTorrent network along with all its product offerings. They have been incorporated into the ecosystem of TRON. BitTorrent is known as the biggest decentralized Peer-to-Peer network in the world. It has a massive user base which goes over 170 million on a monthly basis. TRON’s merger with BitTorrent helps TRON achieve its mission while considerably boosting its user base. Its native token BTT (BitTorrent) will incentivize its user base to share their bandwidth and content.


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