Tron wants to improve its POS mechanism

TRON is well known for new and exciting developments, innovations and happenings in the crypto space. These constantly new additions to the network help keep its large fan base loyal.

Justin’s twitter post reads:

“We were able to build a testnet in a very short amount of time and we are excited to receive the community’s support and feedback! In the future,

#BTFS will be integrated with #TRON blockchain and #BTT ecosystem.#TRX $TRX $BTT #BitTorrent

BTFS will also soon be on BitTorrent (BTT)

Adding more spice to the news, Sun stated that not only will the company be integrating the BTFS Testnet on the TRON blockchain, it will also be on BTT’s ecosystem soon.

This is definitely a huge milestone, not only for the TRON community but also the entire blockchain industry. According to the official blog post on medium, TRON will be introducing its newest addition to its user base of about 100 million people.

The post also outlined the highlights of this launch, stating that the BTFS Testnet nodes have already been deployed in several regions of the world. This will ensure better access to BTFS by developers. BTSF is also equipped with an AutoUpdate feature, that makes sure all nodes are up-to-date with the latest fixes, updates and features. Adding to that, in order for developers to know what to do, a dedicated developers’ API documentation for BTFS was also published as a source of reference.

TRON Foundation in the blog post stated that they were sure of completing the Testnet in a ‘very short amount of time.’ They are however looking forward to the community for support and feedback.


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