Tron wants to improve its POS mechanism

CEO of TRON, Justin Sun, feels it’s time for a change. He wants to introduce a new proof-of-stake algorithm. 

In a series of tweets, “the king of hype” a.k.a CEO of Tron disclosed that the platform will witness improvement in the area of distribution of staking revenues. More precisely, it is about to introduce a new proof-of-stake algorithm. This improvement will predominantly apply to the distribution of staking revenues.

To that end, Sun stated that the platform will consider “a fair, decentralized distribution of staking revenues” to encourage users and improve their participation. 

The new staking plan comes with several TRX incentives for users. For instance, it aims to bring more active members to the Tron community as well as improve users participation.

Tron is also planning to increase its stake ratio across the network.

Besides, it will ensure the reduction of transaction dividends to the barest minimum. Thus, the users will experience a more robust and active economic system. It will help to reduce bandwidth consumption.


Sun ended his series of tweets with a promise of more partners and declaration of a more decentralized platform.

More improvement to the Tron’s platform

The Tron platform is continuously improving. Recently, it released the code for Tron’s Sun Network Version 1.0.

Besides, less than a week ago, the platform introduced the beta version of its (BitTorrent live) streaming app. This new streaming app for both videos and audio will work both on Tron and BitTorrent algorithms. 

“This is a bold move in the application of the blockchain technology. BLive will usher in an age of token economy,” Sun noted.



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