TronWallet Integrates Ethereum and ERC-20 Tokens

Based on reports, the Getty/IO developers’ team has come out with the TronWallet 3.2 version. The app is an upgrade from its iOS and Android app versions released over two years ago.

To remind, TronWallet is a secure peer-to-peer (P2P) wallet and exchange for TRON. It is, however, only a user interface and does not operate the TRON Network. The new TronWallet version includes as many as 10 new features, 7 improvements, and 27 bug fixes.

A very comprehensive upgrade

According to its blog post, the latest update is the biggest one for TronWallet till date. In the new version, there will be extensive support for Ethereum (ETH) as well as all ERC-20 tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain.

As a result of this upgrade, storing, receiving and sending ETH and all ETH-based tokens became smoother and more secure for the users. Moreover, the addition of support for the Ethereum blockchain would positively impact TronWallet in becoming a multi-cryptocurrency wallet. According to reports, there are plans in place to integrate all top crypto and major blockchains in the future. As part of its Q2 roadmap, the app is set to integrate more than 10 coins into the wallet.

Incidentally, TronWallet has achieved several new milestones as one of the top mobile crypto wallets. Worldwide download count has crossed 190,000, and the app has also recorded an average of 12,000 daily and 50,000 monthly active users. Besides, with the addition of ETH, its blockchain support count also rose to three. TronWallet had already been supporting Bitcoin apart from the TRON network.

One of the major points emerging from the new update is the app bridging TRON and ETH communities and projects on both networks. With the two blockchains coming closer, opportunities of interoperability between TRX and ETH-based projects also became greater. According to the blog post, cross-chain interoperability, especially for smart contracts and decentralized application (DApp) ecosystems of ETH and TRON would benefit both the blockchains.

TronWallet partnership with MegaCryptoPolis 3D

Apart from its slew of features, updates, and fixes in the upgraded version, TronWallet is also partnering with MegaCryptoPolis 3D (MCP3D). It is one of the most popular DApp games running on the Ethereum blockchain. The game launch took place on TRON last month. Users can play it directly in TronWallet’s built-in DApp browser for optimal gaming experience. They also get a chance to receive an exclusive starter kit.

Earlier, we had covered the story of TronWallet getting released on the Apple Store.


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