According to CryptoRank, the top 5 launchpads have $2.8 billion in marketcap with up to 60x as an ATH ROI.  In there, you can find newborn projects with solid foundations waiting to be discovered.

However, new projects are not only looking for funding. They are also looking for building a community and developing marketing campaigns. That’s where TruePNL comes in. Therefore, in this article, you will discover how TruePNL can help new crypto startups with more than money.

What is TruePNL?

TruePNL is a launchpad that lets any investor select very early crypto projects transparently and securely. At the time of writing this article, the platform has raised over $5 million with more than 53 projects in total. In addition, the platform has 45,000 users with 200 KOLs.


Source: TruePNL

Also, this initiative allows crypto projects to create token exchange pools to launch token sales running in Ethereum or BNB Chain. These TruePNL pools are unique for the following reasons:

  • No hidden fees: In TruePNL, they don’t ask for payment in advance, and their fees are previously known.
  • Your funds are safe: Everyone who wants to participate passes through a KYC procedure.
  • Optimized pool distribution: Investors have a guaranteed allocation in the TruePNL launchpad token sales. If you want to submit your crypto startup in TruePNL, apply here.
How do the TruePNL Pools Work?

The platform lets users purchase tokens from the seed/private rounds of crypto projects. This allows TruePNL to organize the token sale to build the project’s community. So, here is how this process works:

  • Users buy vested tokens: This helps projects to raise funds before the IDO listing.
  • Vesting release schemes: It gives sustained engagement.
  • Users get bigger allocation: Investors can inject up to $5,000 per allocation for some projects.
  • Get PNLg staking PNL tokens: TruePNL gives PNLg points to investors, which makes investors have more PNL tokens to invest in.
  • PNLg points give 50% off: Users receive PNLg points which gives them 50% lower prices on tokens. Also, investors can buy PNLg points with USDT.

Note: PNLg points guarantee allocations in Public Sales of TruePNL. You can see more details of how TruePNL works here.

TruePNL projects

Source: TruePNL
Latest Developments About TruePNL

In order to make users have more opportunities to invest in TruePNL, the platform has released an anticipated update to vested sales from PNL, its native token. Also, this will lower the price of allocations with PNLg points. More info here.

On the other hand, TruePNL is currently building Merged Finance, a multi-chain protocol that lets users invest in crypto portfolios with just one token. You can join the whitelist here.

Finally, TruePNL has very important partners like Harmony One, Ferrum Network, Poolz, among others.

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