Under $1 Crypto Gems You CAN'T MISS For NEXT BULLRUN!!

What if I promised you a guaranteed way to find the 100X crypto. Pretty exciting, right? But I would be lying if I claimed that! I bought BNB, QUANT, ATOM and so many other crypto gems under $1 and in the next bull run, these coins exploded. Last time I did under $1 coins for the next bullrun, this video got more than 200K views. 

Right, I am trying to do the same. My research team and I found out 3 more crypto gems under $1 coins. So, I can pick them in a good number and make 50X, 100X gains in the next bullrun. If you are interested in doing the same, this article is for you.

1) Realio Network (RIO)

Realio Network is my first pick today. Their token is RIO. This is one of the real crypto gems with real-world use cases. Their game plan is an interesting one. I can see this getting good traction. So, here’s what they’re planning. How about the following, for instance:

  1. Exclusive access to institutional grade securities. These are usually out of our reach for the likes of us. Your average small-time investor. For the following, simple reasons. Do you have, tens of millions of dollars to invest?
  2. An institutional grade network? So, you have access to these top-tier opportunities?

Realio Network offers this. Their platform and network give you the opportunity to join such exclusive opportunities. And here it becomes seriously interesting. Realio offers SEC compliance enabled technology. Especially for our American readers, this opens new doors and opportunities.

However, keep in mind that joining Realio requires a KYC procedure. This means that you need to provide an ID to registerSo, we have RWAs or real-world assets with an investment portal. The plan is to tokenize these RWAs. This way they become accessible. For instance, with real estate or private equity. 

More About Realio Network

Furthermore, their testnet phase is over. On 31st March, Realio launched its Alpha mainnet. First on Ethereum. The follow-up are bridges to Avalanche and Stellar. However, they built using the Cosmos SDK and they are EVM compatible. This means that Realio also uses the Tendermint consensus protocol.

At the backbone is a strong and experienced team. For example, Derek S. Boirun is the CEO. He brings institutional experience in commercial real estate. Blockchain-based investing is also one of his strengths. Sam Dare is the CTO. He is the man to bring Realio into the Realioverse. That’s their metaverse.

There are various tokens. The one I concentrate on is RIO. But, there’s also RST. This is a security token representing ownership of Realio company. There’s also rUSD, a future stablecoin on Realio. The current price of RIO is $0.250260. So, we’re real early here. The max and total supply is 55 million tokens. During the last 30 days, the token went 188% up.

Do you think RIO can do 1000x? Is Realio the future of private equity? In the meantime, let’s move on to my next crypto gems pick, Chainge Finance or CHNG.

2) Chainge Finance (CHNG)

Chainge Finance is a mobile cross-chain aggregator. It also comes with a DEX and a wallet. To illustrate, on Google Play, it already has well over 100,000 downloads. There’s now also the first web version available. A second, improved version is in the making. To clarify, this allows you to:

  • Send.
  • Receive.
  • Swap between 30+ chains. This includes non-EVM chains.

Their latest additions were the Rootstock chain on March 22nd and Syscoin on March 21st. Chainge allows your swaps to take place on various chains at the same time. The best part is, you don’t even realize this. Because, this all happens in the background. 

In other words, Chainge lets you become your own digital bank. Because it offers an automated banking service. As a result, you can do the following:

  • Margin Lending.
  • Staking.
  • Earn program. 
  • Options DEX.
  • Futures.
  • Escrow services. 
  • DEX Aggregator. 
More About Chainge Finance

The founder and CEO is DJ Qian. You may also know him as the co-founder of Anyswap.  He’s also CEO of BITSE (founded VeChain and QTUM). He also has extensive IBM experience. So, to say he has a strong DeFi and Tech background is almost an understatement.  Their CHNG token has a few use cases. For instance:

  • Use it as gas fee across all chains within the dApp.
  • Governance.
  • The token is deflationary. Chainge Finance buys back the tokens using 25% of their profits and burns them regularly.

The current CHNG price is $0.091686. It has a market cap of $39.4 million. The max supply is 814,670,050 tokens. Its total supply is 716,725,414 tokens. 429.5 million tokens already circulate. For one year, the token is up by 30%. These are great perspectives. This brings us straight to my last crypto gems pick for the day, Goldfinch.

3) Goldfinch Protocol (GFI)

The Goldfinch Protocol is a decentralized protocol. It allows you to borrow without collateral. It’s also interoperable and everyone has access. Their mission is to create a single global credit marketplace. Goldfinch provides real yields from real companies.

Here is how it works. The main actors are borrowers and investors. The borrowers propose a deal term for a credit line. To clarify, this is the ‘borrower pool’. It includes the interest rate and repayment terms.

The investors of the Goldfinch community can supply capital to these credit lines. They have two options for this:

  1. Individual pools as backers.
  2. A liquidity provider to the Senior Pool.

Now, the borrower can draw stablecoins from their credit line. For instance, USDC. They take this out of the pool and swap it for fiat. So, now they can use it in real life to their end-borrowers in their local markets. Real global access to capital. 

More About Goldfinch

So, Goldfinch uses a ‘trust through consensus’ method. In other words, they don’t trust individual backers. However, it does trust the collective actions of many of them. To clarify this, if more backers add liquidity to a pool, the senior pool increases the ratio of how much capital it allocates.

As a result, you get 7.8% APY on your USDC stablecoin, risk free. The GFI token also has good tokenomics and vesting. Goldfinch also onboarded good backers, for example:

  • Andreessen Horowitz
  • Coinbase Ventures
  • Access Ventures, and more.

The current price of the GFI token is $0.616731. It has a market cap of $27.6 million. The max and total supply are 114,285,714 tokens. 44.7 million already circulate. You can buy GFI at MEXC, Coinbase, Gate.io and Uniswap. Binance is missing out on this token as we speak.

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