Crypto events June Week 3

The entire cryptocurrency ecosystem is currently in the red zone. Bitcoin (BTC) for example is currently down by 7.9% over the last week and is currently trading at $27,498.

To keep our readers informed, we have compiled some of last week’s upcoming crypto events. These upcoming crypto events include strategic partnerships, product launches, NFT minting, etc. Therefore, let’s find out some more upcoming crypto events.

1. RealFevr (FEVR) NFT Park Drop #3

The world’s first-ever licensed football video NFT marketplace, RealFevr, is set to launch its #3 NFT park drop. According to the announcement, the drop will take place on June 15th, 2022, at exactly 2 pm UTC.

Also, participating in the drop will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. This means that the earlier you register and join in, the higher your chances of participating in the public sale.

2. Hyve (HYVE) New App Launch

Web 3 freelancing marketplace, Hyve, will launch a new app. The app will provide an enabling environment for freelancers and prospective clients to meet. Also, Hyve (HYVE) app will also launch on June 14th and will include strategic new features.

Hyve is also currently available on top chains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Fantom.

3. Sperax New Farm

Sperax introduces a new and better way to earn income in the crypto space. Now users can farm the Sperax SPA/USD pair to earn rewards. This means that farmers will earn yields on their SPA token holdings while hedging their USD deposits.

Also, yield farmers will earn rewards with or without lockup on Arbitrum. Notably, the farm launch will take place on June 13th, 2022. Users will need to deposit SPA and USD tokens. In return, they will earn $SPA tokens.

4. Celo Camp Batch 5 Demo Day

Celo Camp demo day is around the corner. The upcoming demo day is the fifth of its kind demo day. And it is expected to take place on June 14th, 2022. Also, top teams during the Celo camp will have the opportunity to present their Celo decentralized applications (dapps). Participants will then have to decide the most innovative and impactful dapp at the end of the presentation. They will do this by voting their most preferred dapp.

Moreover, during the Celo Camp event, a total of 10 finalists will present their Celo-based dapps. The winner of the event will receive the Gold Prize of $10,000 cUSD while the first runner-up will get the Silver Prize of $5,000 cUSD.

If you are interested in the Celo Camp batch 6, you can register for the event.

5. Exeed (XED) Crypto Birds NFT

Mutant birds NFT minting is around the corner on Exeedme. The minting is expected to take place on June 18th, 2022. Crypto Birds are an ETH-based NFT collection. Each of the NFTs is a character in the P2E Crypto Bird on the Exeedme platform.

Also, every single minted Crypto Bird has a unique rarity that controls important features like precision, maneuverability, etc. This means that every single Crypto Bird will result in a completely different game feel.

Moreover, to take part in the upcoming minting, interested persons need to register on the whitelist.

6. SparkPoint June Updates

Several top-notch updates will take place on SparkPoint this month. On June 13th, the SparkPoint Merch launch will go live. It’s much-anticipated pre-order will also commence.

On June 15th, 2022, SparkSwap decentralized exchange (DEX) V2 early preview will take place.

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