Uquid Launches Marketplace, to Support BCH Payments

Uquid recently announced that its marketplace was all set to go live, and it would accept Bitcoin Cash as a payment option.

Uquid shared the news with its followers on its official Twitter handle last week.

In a blog post, Uquid explained its rationale behind adding Bitcoin Cash as payment option apart from other cryptocurrencies.

Overview on Uquid

Uquid, as a crypto firm, has been around since 2016. The firm is one of the foremost service providers to offer cross-border digital services as well as blockchain-friendly payment systems. In its first year of operation alone, the firm had completed over 11 million transactions.

Contribution to developing countries

In developing countries like Indonesia, Uquid has become a resourceful system. For example, customers in Indonesia can use the system to pay for a range of insurance products. These include pension insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and even accidental coverage. Moreover, Indonesian customers can use the service to pay for transportation payments, vouchers, bill payments, internet services, etc.

Biggest digital shop for crypto users

With the launch of the Uquid Shop last week, the firm is now set to provide customers with “a large variety and diversity of services like mobile phone top-ups, insurance, electricity bills, grocery vouchers, pharmacy vouchers, TV bills, pin-less call, wifi recharge, bundles, gift cards, games, and software.”

This is a significant achievement for the firm after its team of developers spent over a year in preparation for the launch.

Why support Bitcoin Cash

Uquid Shop allows its users to choose from a plethora of cryptocurrencies as payment methods for transactions. According to the blog post, it has chosen to capitalize on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as it is fast, cheap, reliable, private, and offers scalability.

The shop also accepts other crypto payment options like Uquid (UQC), Ripple (XRP), Tether (USDT), Neo Gas (GAS), and Neo (NEO).

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