USDT Pairs, Other DEXTools Roadmap Updates

Several amazing updates on DEXTools have been unveiled, alongside details of its proposed roadmap.

DEXTools is definitely making a name for itself in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem worldwide. The platform, in an official blog post, has released details of its roadmap. It furthermore confirmed this announcement via Twitter.

According to the tweet, several fascinating features are brewing on the platform. Plans are in place to launch these new features as soon as possible.

Unchained Ninja, in a tweet, summarized the roadmap to include: new subscription models, website redesign, DEXTools manifesto, wallet analyzer, and a 10 million DEXT token burn. That wasn’t all as other upgrades include: price alerts, USDT pairs, trading bots, limit orders on Uniswap, Mempool integration, and more.

DEXTools roadmap in detail

The platform has divided the entire roadmap into four phases, namely: Imminent Release, Development Priority, Next in Line, and Planning/Early Development. All the phases have a specific timeline within which they would be carried out. Apart from the Imminent Release upgrades, all other phases are subject to change and can be redefined as the roadmap develops.

  • Imminent Release (2 weeks)
    This phase begins with the launch of a new subscription model and a 10 million DEXT token burn on November 1, 2020. It also involves web designing, DEXTools manifesto release, and performance and reliability upgrades, among others. New features under this phase will also include the wallet analyzers, price alerts, functional upgrades, etc.
  • Development Priority (2 – 4 weeks)
    We are looking at a complete App UI redesigning and new DEX integration, including BSC and ETH. New features during this phase will also include USDT pairs, marketing initiatives, performance upgrades, etc. New partnerships are expected to occur during this phase.
  • Next In Line (4 – 8 weeks)
    This phase will commence with a 10 million DEXT team token burn on December 1, 2020. Monthly burning of subscription fees will also begin. This will also be followed by more DEX integrations, reliability upgrades, etc. New features of this phase will include limit orders, Mempool integration, etc.
  • Planning / Early Development (8 weeks +)
    This phase includes the final 10 million DEXT team token burn on January 1, 2021. New features on the platform include: trading bots, upgraded limit orders, the expansion of the DEXTools ecosystem, and also the official public launch of its API.
DEXT price

At the time of writing, the DEXT token is up by 13.8% and trading at $0.073500. The token also has a market cap of $6,611,778, and a 24-hour trading volume of $4,885,152.

Falconswap also recently entered a strategic partnership with DEXTools to facilitate the expansion of the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

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