V-ID (VIDT) has had a very interesting week making for a solid start to Q4 2019. From new partnerships and listings to platform releases, let’s take a look!

Altcoin Buzz x VID Overview

Earlier in the week, we introduced V-ID through a detailed overview outlining the team, the platform, the VIDT token and more! If you haven’t already checked this out do so here!

Kucoin Listing and increased availability of exchanges

Monday saw V’ID’s hard work pay off with VIDT being listed on Kucoin Exchange. Working to consolidate and have this completed by the end of Q3, VIDT succeeded in their goal. Check out the announcement here and view the trading pairs. 

In addition to the KuCoin listing, VIDT has also had an increase in availability and exposure through a new VIDT-EURO trading pair at Eterbase, VIDT being involved with the Xfutures 2nd staking opportunity and the listing on up and coming exchange ‘Next Exchange’. More detailed information surrounding these progressions can be found on the V-iD Medium channel. 

V-ID Platform

Tuesday we saw the introduction of the VIDT Platform! From now on, every user of the VIDT Platform, become a ‘Reseller’. With the opening up of the V-ID tech, every team with a solid use can build date integrity into their own business processes.

With the realization that the mission of V-ID could be much larger and applied to multiple industries and use cases, the VID API allows freedom and versatility. This means the model is up to the reseller to tailor to their specific processes whilst all validations and verifications will run through the proven VIDT Platform.

With the VIDT API being set up to integrate with the most common programming languages, the user experience can be designed by the reseller who decides what their service will look like along with the steps included in the user flow.

The first users of the VIDT Platform have been given early access and have been very busy testing out the integration with their business ideas. These projects include Veritas, Caltrix Capital and more. See the full information on the VIDT platform here.

B2C app sneak peek!

Day 3 of the VIDT news blast had the announcement of the VIDT B2C Beta update.  Calling all users to apply with use case ideas with the best use case winning 1000 VIDT and the ability to be the first to try out the pocket validator themselves. Check out how the Pocket Validator works in the video below, can you think of any use cases?

Learn & Earn

Day 4 was the announcement of V-ID offering their final episode of the Learn and Earn project. It awards VIDT tokens to the best teachers about VIDT awareness in the community.

The Top 3 VID Teachers win 10K VIDT each based on best content, originality & Exposure. There are also rewards for another 70 VIDTeachers so be sure to check out the rules and full rewards here.

Clients and Partners of V-ID

The end to an exciting week of solid progress concluded with the announcement of the V-ID Focus for the coming months with partnerships and the New York Tour!

To start of Q4 V-ID is attending New York with various appointments targeting the topics of the VIDT platform, B2C, Music, and luxury goods. Stay tuned for the USA market updates.

V-ID laid out partnerships with multiple different companies in different industries:

WAVES: Students who have graduated from the Waves course receive their Ride Certificates which will be validated by V-ID.

IBM x IOE: V-ID will provide the mechanism to certify that the sensing data originates from a trusted source. The aim is to allow for scalable growth in the IBM Circular Economy Data Network.

Trust Wallet: V-ID will integrate with Trust Wallet to further secure and optimize the TrustWallet workflow.

Altcoin Buzz: V-ID has partnered with Altcoin Buzz to showcase the consistent updates and announcements of the project moving forward and we are very excited to be a part of their journey.

Many more – Read here.

The Future moving forward for V-ID

V-ID has upheld its promises for the Q3 2019 and 2020 is looking like an exciting year.

The remainder of 2019 will see the V-ID Powered KYC process customer due diligence tool and the GDPR compliant toolset with more partner organizations to be announced.

In early 2020 V-ID will be launching the first consumer service. The latter will be paying with VIDT tokens and allowing users to validate files.

Besides, there will be the launch of the VIDS security token which will represent possession of shares in the company!

Stay tuned as Altcoin Buzz continues to bring you the updates and progress of V-ID over the rest of 2019 and leading into 2020!

Learn More and stay up to date!

Validate your digital files and future proof your business! Schedule a 20 Minute Video call to discover what V-ID can do for you.

Learn more about the VIDT token and the growth of the project through the following links and following Altcoin Buzz!:

Corporate website: https://about.v-id.org

Welcome page US: https://about.v-id.org/welcome

VIDT Platform: https://www.v-id.org

Welcome page RU: https://about.v-id.org/welcome_ru

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh6xfbjMUeYFUO-2O_wRSBA/videos

Welcome page CH: https://about.v-id.org/welcome_ch 

Medium: https://medium.com/@pim_vee


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