VeChain Used to Secure COVID-19 Vaccination Records

VeChain, one of the leading supply chain focused blockchain project accomplished impressive growth in 2020. Even with the unprecedented challenges due to the global pandemic, it put product development at the forefront. Impressively in 2021, the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus is using it to store COVID-19 vaccination records.

The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus, one of the largest private health facilities in the country vaccinated 100 doctors and personnel on 4 January 2021. According to the official blog, this was the first dose of COVID-19 vaccination given to these people. Interestingly, all 100 of them recieved a digital certificate on E-HCert App (built on VeChain) for their vaccination.

In May 2020, VeChain had collaborated with I-Dante to co-develop E-HCert App, powered by VeChainThor blockchain. The app is capable of archiving records of COVID-19 RT-PCR and antibodies tests records. However, this time it is being used to store vaccination data too. Impressively, the app is GDPR compliant and the users have complete control over their profiles.

The Digital Health Reform wave

VeChain has been lately focusing on reforming the healthcare sector using blockchain technology. That’s because blockchain optimizes the workflow design of any healthcare system. Along with that, the patients can safely hold their records. As a result, VeChain is engaging with some top healthcare centers to accelerate the digitization of the healthcare industry.

The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus started using E-HCert App in June 2020. Between June 2020 and August 2020, the app recorded COVID-19 test reports of over 8,000 people. However, this is not the first health center to use E-HCert App. In December 2020, another leading medical facility in Cyprus, Aretaeio Hospital joined the VeChain ToolChain™ platform. Furthermore, it also integrated the E-HCert App throughout its lab testing services.

Splendid 2020

VeChain received a lot of attention post their mainnet launch. Since then, the volume of native VET tokens has been increasing in volume across the exchanges.

In 2020, the mainnet processed 4.4 million transactions and received 8 major upgrades. Here is the VeChain 2020 in the review.


VET Price

In the last 30 days, VET, the native VeChain token price has jumped over 60%. Moreover, at the time of press, it is trading close to $0.029.

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