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The privacy coin Dash seems to be in the loop these days. Let’s take a closer look at how it’s been performing.

Dash is the choice of many users who admire the concept of privacy coins. In August, the coin experienced some problems. But now it seems to be back on track. Anypay, the U.S.-based crypto-accepting merchant that offers to “get more customers in 5 minutes without a credit card”, has published new data on the usage of cryptocurrencies. It shows that in August Dash once again became the most used coin at Anypay Points of Sale. The volume of transactions grew by 20%. Anypay has retweeted the information from a user called freemover. The company seems to be very enthusiastic about the news, saying “Yes, more merchants have been persuaded to connect their Dash wallet than any other coin.”


Data on the percentage of payments all time reiterates Dash’s popularity. 78% of transactions were made with the privacy coin. Other users preferred BCH (14%) and BTC (7%)


Source: https://charts.anypay.global

Partnering and partnering

Dash doesn’t stop there. The privacy coin is now available at BitcoinCom exchange, a popular consumer-focused Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash website. This means that traders have extra trading options with Dash. However, it should be noted that not everyone reacted well to the news. Some users, like @winklma13, think that BitcoinCom is a scam exchange.

Yet BitcoinCom exchange isn’t the only platform Dash has recently partnered with. The Mexican exchange Cubobit as well as the Hong Kong-based exchange BitOffer including InstantSend support have also made it available for their users. So did SwapSpace instant exchange marketplace.

The market seems to be reacting positively to these developments. At the time of writing, the coin’s price went up by 1.8%. Now, it’s trading at $80.14.

Previously, Altcoin Buzz also reported that Dash Network tightened master nodes standards. Besides, the European payment app 2Gether added Dash to the list of nine tokens.

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Lesia Dubenko
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  1. Miss Lesia, kindly update your knowledge about what is Dash. It’s incorrect to say that it’s a privacy coin. Even the logo that you used is outdated. But still thanks for the article!

    • Hi Andrey!Thank you for your comment. We’ll make sure to take it into account next time. The logo picture has been updated. Thanks again


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