What to Expect on MeLand.ai?

The line between decentralized finance (DeFi), blockchain gaming, and NFTs have continued to get blurred. In recent times, there’s been a strategic integration between these fast-growing yet nascent spheres.

MeLand.ai is a decentralized platform with the opinion that “everyone has something shiny to share.” Interestingly, MeLand.ai is also the world’s first-ever learn-to-earn gamification platform. Designed to allow players to challenge themselves, create quizzes, and compete while also monetizing their experience.

MeLand.ai is also built on the Polygon chain. Interestingly, its native token, $MELD, will be built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This article is an in-depth overview of the MeLand.ai ecosystem, its roadmap, upcoming updates, etc.

Before we move on, let’s find out more about the MeLand.ai ecosystem.

Interesting Facts About MeLand.ai
  • Firstly, Robert Lansdrew founded MeLand.ai in 2018. Also, its core developers are top blockchain and Web3 experts.
  • It is also the world’s first-ever learn-to-earn gamification platform.
  • The gamification platform also boasts of strategic partnerships with companies like AU21 Capital, Basics Capital, Titan Ventures, Poolz, Binstarter, BSC Ventures, etc.
  • Solid Group completed its audit of the platform in November 2021.
  • MeLand.ai is focused on building a gamified content platform designed to facilitate learning, creating, and playing.
  • Players and active members on the platform also earn rewards.
MeLand.ai Roadmap

Last month, several strategic updates took place on the decentralized gamification platform.

These updates include:

  • The incorporation of a new activity system
  • Launch of two new quiz types
  • The Valentine’s Day special event
  • Editor building competition

This month, we are looking forward to more strategic updates and events. The game ushers in the Meland 2.0 era in March 2022, which developers describe as “The Adventure Season.”

Meland 2.0

Source: MeLand.ai website

The platform will incorporate new combat systems, weapons, potions, and equipment. The decentralized gamified platform will also usher in MeLand 2.0 with a tournament. Therefore, providing players with the opportunity to experience the newly launched version.

Other important upcoming updates include:

  • The incorporation of $MELD tokens on Polygon
  • Addition of a referral system
  • VIP Land Metaverse for users
  • Creators campaign
  • Multi-type quiz, etc.
About MeLand.ai

As previously indicated, MeLand.ai is a gamified learn-to-earn platform providing its users with the opportunity to create, learn, and earn.

MeLand.ai OverviewSource: Meland website

Players can create quizzes, challenge questions, swap $MELD with Dtamin, buy and sell lands, etc. to earn rewards. Simply put, the decentralized gamified platform helps its players to fully monetize their gaming experience.

$MELD Price

At the time of writing, MeLand.ai was trading at $0.00411559 with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,054. The token price is also down by 5.2% in the last 24 hours.

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