Having access to secure and scalable digital connectivity cannot be over-emphasized.

StrongNode, also known for its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), has shown significant interest in facilitating digital connectivity. The IaaS has disclosed plans to go public with its IDO set to launch on October 21st on the three essential launchpads. The launchpad includes StarterXyz, TrustPad, and Bullperks.

The platform is revolutionizing the digital connectivity space. To achieve this, it offers IaaS as a secure, scalable, and on-demand node technology. Therefore, the platform is sure to completely reshape access to compute resources and how they generate revenue.

More Information About The Platform 

StrongNode is also building a mesh network. It does this by making use of and sharing idle computing resources of node seeders. These idle computing resources can then be used to power companies globally. Resources harvested include the trifecta of CPU/GPU cycles.

Others like storage gotten from desktop computers, laptops, bandwidth, etc. Also, plans are in place to include smartphones, gaming consoles, and smart TVs. According to reports, the IaaS platform has a five-fold advantage. They include:

  • Leveraging Resources – StrongNode harvests and distributes CPU/GPU. It also distributes bandwidth and data storage via its global edge network.
  • Automated Workflows – designs auto-scaling tools. Other features include developer tools and API.
  • Edge Networking – The IaaS platform also takes a self-sustaining angle. It is also based on blockchain technology.
  • Scalability – Boasts of a consistent and quick-scaling solution
  • Innovation Lab – The lab will help grow the network via different adoption methods. Some of these methods include Gaming, social impact, etc.

StrongNode Edge To Become Blockchain-Agnostic

Cross-chain interoperability is quite essential in the blockchain and crypto space. This is because it makes navigation so much easier. Therefore, it helps to improve user experience in the blockchain and crypto space.

On the other hand, StrongNode has plans to facilitate blockchain interoperability for several vital reasons.

According to reports, every blockchain has a unique feature that could be built on. These features could be scalability, speed, or even versatility. Being blockchain-agnostic will also provide StrongNode with the opportunity to benefit from these unique features.

Finally, StrongNode will first launch on Polygon. Plans are also in place to onboard several other chains soon. In conclusion, StrongNode is out to pioneer a new shift in digital connectivity.

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