The most used chatting platform in the Crypto space integrates Dash Text. Telegram users are now able to send Dash trough Telegram. 

Dash Text is a solution for sending Dash without an internet connection. Via SMS, users can send Dash without public addresses and I like the idea.

The service has been launched on telegram after 2 months of testing. Dash Text integration on Telegram is currently available only for Venezuelans and Columbians.


How does it work?

When users want to send Dash trough telegram for the first time, they will be linked to their Dash Text SMS wallet if they are using one. In case the Dash Text SMS app is not installed, a new wallet will be created for them on Telegram.


Why Telegram?

Telegram works on older phones and is currently the second most popular chatting app in Venezuela. Telegram is very crypto friendly and very popular overall.

Dash Text team wanted to expand on WhatsApp as well, however, they were not able to do so because WhatsApp has banned cryptocurrency transactions. The Dash Text team believes it’s an anti-competitive move. As you may have heard, Facebook may be working on their own Blockchain, and WhatsApp is owned by them.

The telegram integration is a smart move for Dash Text. They will be able to expand the reach of their service while making digital currency more accessible to everyone.

Eventually, I would expect the service to work in other countries as well.


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