ZkSync Airdrop Guide: How to Get $1,000+ Worth in Free Tokens

Roll-up chains have been making waves in Crypto. They’ve been solving the scalability of Ethereum. The truth is, nobody wants to pay hefty gas fees when trading NFTs or using DeFi products. This has given rise to projects like Arbitrum and Optimism.

But, upcoming chains that leverage the latest roll-up technology are also springing up. Today, we take a look at ZkSync, and how you can join their potential upcoming airdrop.

What is ZkSync?

ZkSync is set to make bigger waves. But how so? Let’s take a quick glance at why we’ve got this project in our sights:

  • ZkSync raised a staggering $458 million in funding. Compare this to Arbitrum, which only raised $120 million. Yet, they airdropped some sweet $ARB tokens to its early users.
  • ZkSync does not yet have its own token. So, it is likely to do an airdrop to reward early users.

Aside from that, it’s really simple and cheap to use the ZkSync network. You could be staring at a good opportunity for getting FREE $ZKS tokens. So, how do we get started?

Requirements for the ZKSync Airdrop

Hold your airdrop huntin’ horses! Before we begin, you need to note the below pre-requisites first:

  • A Metamask wallet: You need to add ZkSync Era into the networks for your wallet. You can do that through the ChainList link here. To elaborate, ZkSync Era is the latest upgrade to the ZkSync network.
  • Fill your Wallet with $ETH: You’ll need it for gas and performing trades. We recommend you bridge 0.1 $ETH over.

Once you’ve got the above ready, it’s time to get your hands dirty. Let’s go!

A Step-By-Step Guide to the $ZKS Airdrop

For today guide, we’ll use the tweet as shown below. Performing the tasks in the following guide does not guarantee an airdrop. But, if there are any airdrops, you’re in a good spot to collect some $ZKS tokens.

Without further ado, let’s move on to our first step – Bridging your $ETH to ZkSync Era!

How to Bridge ZkSync

First, head on over to ZkSync Era’s official bridge. Over here, you’ll bridge half your $ETH allocated for this airdrop. You’ll be moving said $ETH from the Ethereum chain to ZkSync Era. For this, do the steps below:

  • Connect your Metamask wallet.
  • Choose $ETH as the token to bridge over.
  • Confirm the source chain and the destination chains. The former should be Ethereum, and the latter, ZkSync Era.
  • Confirm your deposit address on ZkSync Era. By default, it will be similar to your Ethereum address on Metamask.
  • Click on “Deposit”. Wait for 5 minutes while your tokens bridge.
ZkSync Airdrop Guide - ZkSync Era official bridge
Source: Portal ZkSync

Next, it’s time to bridge the remaining half of your $ETH tokens. For this, we will use the bridge by Orbiter Finance. Now, you’ll be pretty much repeating the same operation as the first bridge. But, before bridging, take note of the following:

  • Ensure that you’re on the “L2 Bridge” tab.
  • Click on the “Connect a Wallet” button to connect to your Metamask wallet.
  • Ensure that you’re on the “Sender” tab.

Once the above is done, you’re good to go. Confirm your source and destination chains. Select the token to bridge over. In this case, it’s $ETH. Then, input the amount of $ETH to bridge over. Click on the “Send” button, and your funds will be on its way.

ZkSync Airdrop Guide - Orbiter bridge
Source: Orbiter Finance

So far, so good! Things are pretty simple as of now, right? I assume that you’ve already clocked some bridging volume. This will allow ZkSync to record your activity. In turn, this will increase your chances of an airdrop. Moreover, bridging $ETH to ZkSync allows you to use their Decentralized Applications (dApps) too!

Swapping With Mute – A dApp on ZkSync

Lastly, it’s time to clock some trade volumes! Scoot on over to Mute.io. If you’re familiar with UniSwap or PancakeSwap, then this should be a piece of cake! From here on, we’ll be making some trades.

ZkSync Airdrop Guide - Mute.io DEX
Source: Mute.io

In the above User Interface (UI), key in the amount of $ETH to swap to $USDC. Do note to not swap all your $ETH tokens! This could leave you stuck without any $ETH to pay for gas. Once done, swap your $USDC back to $ETH. Repeat this for a few times to generate larger trading volumes. Again, with this, you’re increasing your chances for the $ZKS airdrop.


Voila! That concludes our guide for ZkSync’s airdrop. Before you go, we would like to provide you 2 additional tips.

  1. Keep your bridged $ETH on ZkSync Era. By having some $ETH balances there, it could increase your airdrop chances.
  2. Follow ZkSync on Twitter. You’ll be in the know of the project’s developments and airdrop announcements.

And that’s all for today! Stay tuned to our blog, where we’ll be sharing with you more airdrop guides.

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