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The DeFi gaming ecosystem is arguably at the forefront of adoption and innovation in all of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

ZONE is an Algorand-based GameFi platform. It plans to take the adoption of the blockchain and DeFi gaming space to new heights. This article covers the important details of ZONE, its public testnet launch, and the upcoming mainnet launch.

The current DeFi gaming ecosystem has a lot of common problems. Some of these issues include;

  • Long waiting times
  • High transaction fees
  • Complicated UI/UX design
  • Most games are focused on making money and not on actual gameplay.

These issues and more is what ZONE is looking to solve.

About ZONE

ZONE as previously described is a community-driven GameFi platform providing players with the opportunity to earn while playing games. The GameFi platform brings together the fast-rising DeFi space with the blockchain gaming space. Hence, the name GameFi.

ZONE also recently launched on the testnet. This simply means that members of the public now have access to test the GameFi platform. Interested persons will be able to play any game of their choice while earning monetary rewards. Also, the GameFi platform is designed to easily incorporate any online game with open API. Therefore, facilitating the integration of many games across different genres. ZONE also makes this possible in a DeFi environment that is both user-friendly and versatile. This, in turn, will help to drive awareness and also adoption for not just ZONE, but for the entire blockchain gaming ecosystem.

ZONE also has plans to launch several updates in the near future. Some of them include;

  • Zone Play
  • Zobo Bot
  • Zone NFTs, and
  • Zone Tokens

ZONE’s Public Testnet Launch

ZONE recently started its public testnet. The testnet will make it possible for interested persons to try out the platform. Players have the opportunity to add their favorite online games to the platform.

The GameFi platform is built on popular blockchain Algorand. To access the platform, interested persons only need to connect their wallets to the GameFi platform. However, Algorand’s testnet has a minor limitation. Users can play a maximum of 20 games simultaneously. However, it is important to note that this limitation is from the Algorand testnet and not from ZONE. The official mainnet version, when ready, will be able to support an unlimited number of games at the same time.

The GameFi platform is inviting interested persons to test the platform. To further encourage as many people as possible, ZONE has an incentive program. According to reports, the first 1000 persons to play a game on the new testnet will receive 1 ALGO token. The token will be airdropped into the participant’s wallet when ZONE’s official mainnet goes live. The mainnet launch is slated to take place a few days after the public testnet launch.

How to Participate in The Testnet

In order to show our readers how to participate in the testnet, we have published a step-by-step guide to the entire process.

  • First, is to visit the ZONE website here
  • Then, click on the ‘Connect Wallet’ Icon. This connects your Algo wallet (Using the testnet wallet).
  • Next, is to choose the game you want to challenge another user to play. For now, only Chess is available on the platform. However, any game with open API will be available soon.
  • Then input the amount you want to include in the challenge. Then click on the ‘Continue’ Icon.
  • The platform automatically generates an invite link that you can share with friends.
  • Once shared, a countdown timer appears, displaying how long your friends have to accept the challenge.
  • Once someone clicks on the link, they need to click the ‘Accept Challenge’ Icon. Then they can play the game.
  • You then have to select the ‘Sign’ button.
  • Once you’ve signed, the other player (Opponent) will also have to sign the transaction.
  • After both parties have signed, the specified amount is locked in a smart contract. The funds only become available when the game ends and we have a winner.

In conclusion, we expect to see more games added to ZONE as its mainnet launch goes live in a few days’ time.

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