Bitfinex doesn't need to show sensitive documents.

Bitfinex and Tether seem to be on the safe side. The NY State Supreme Court granted a motion to hold on to sensitive documents.

Bitfinex and Tether have undergone multiple hardships lately. The companies had to deal with a lawsuit that contains a serious accusation: fraud. However, it seems like everything isn’t that bad for the two brothers in arms. The Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court ruled in favor of iFinex, the parent company of Bitfinex. Hence it won’t have to provide its documents for scrutiny.

Is it a complete victory? Not just yet. The New York Attorney General’s office confirmed the fact that the decision was partial. It’s possible to overturn it. The motion’s basis is that the parties will provide additional documents for the appeal of dismissal in November.

iFinex and Tether also commented on the situation. They said: “We are gratified by the panel’s decision. We look forward to addressing the significant substantive issues before the appellate court.”

More details

In April, the New York Attorney General (NYAG) sued iFinex. According to it, Tether allegedly played a part in covering up a $850 million loss by Bitfinex. Tether is a stablecoin backed by fiat although there have been contrary reports.

After the new court order, no official complaint has been filed against Bitfinex or Tether concerning the motion. However, the motion means the companies won’t have to provide documents about their dealings for investigation. But, this can change if an appeal to dismiss the entire case is reached later.

Before now, Tether and Bitfinex have been found using some of its cash reserves to purchase bitcoin, according to the transcript of a court proceeding.

Last month, Ethfinex now DeversiFI a digital asset trading platform, has left the Bitfinex firm in order to pursue radical decentralization.


  1. The NYAG needs to find a new hobby, this harassment flys in the face of justice, nothing more than a political witch hunt for an AG with little experience and a large ego to stroke.


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