Blockchain is Better than No Blockchain

It was a busy day at BlockShow, Singapore. And it was even busier for Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao. In his 30 minutes on-stage interview, CZ shared his perspective on blockchain technology.

According to CZ, tech variants of blockchain are centralized ones. And they will play an important role in mass adoption. He added that it is important to have more blockchain–whether centralized or decentralized. After all, that doesn’t matter.

Exemplifying the same, CZ said, having Libra, as a centralized currency is better than having no Libra at all. He added that no one will force the use of Libra, it will be a completely personal choice.

However, he did mention that at CoinMarketCap’s “The Capital”, Libra received “zero” audience support. During the event, he asked Facebook users and potential Libra users to raise their hands. While Facebook received 100% audience votes, its ambitious project failed to find even a single supporter.

Will Chinese DCEP fail due to centralization? 

Digital Yuan is set to launch soon. Its name is the DCEP (Digital Currency Electronic Payment). The Chinese government will have entire control over it.

Will that prove to be an obstacle? Apparently not.

Concurrently, CZ believes if China intends DCEP to push against the US dollar, it might have to provide some freedom to DCEP users.

Where is Binance heading to?

Addressing the same audience, CZ shared Binance 2020 roadmap. He stated that Binance has put the IPO on the back burner. And added that new options might be rolled out in the next 6-9 months. Currently, the entire focus is to grow Binance Futures.

According to CZ, gaming and international payments are the most sought after sectors for the use of cryptocurrencies. Previously, we covered Binance Futures trading’s whopping volumes. 

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