Ripple has announced the expansion of its global regulatory team to Washington D.C., making some notable appointments and joining the Blockchain Association.

Sequel to the expansion, Ripple becomes the first major blockchain firm with a dedicated global regulation office in Washington D.C. Establishing the new office in the heart of the country occurs alongside an expansion of its global regulatory team. Thus, supporting Ripple’s aim of educating policymakers on the benefits of the tech.

Notable appointments

The official blog post revealed some notable appointments like Craig Phillips who joins Ripple’s Board of Directors. “With this in mind, we are thrilled to announce that Ripple has expanded our global regulatory team. We’re also the first major blockchain company with a dedicated GR office in Washington D.C.,” the post stated. “In addition, Craig Phillips, former Counselor to the Secretary at the U.S. Treasury Department, has joined Ripple’s Board of Directors. Therefore, he’ll provide depth to Ripple’s policy leadership bench, ” the post explained.

Craig Phillips’s responsibility entails providing counsel to Ripple’s leadership team. As well as giving advice on strategic regulatory opportunities as Ripple expands its global network. Notably, Craig Phillips commands top experience, he’s overseen regulatory framework’s development for the financial system under Executive Order 13772. Not forgetting, he enhanced the financial sector’s cybersecurity through the Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection and Compliance Policy.

Other notable appointments include Michelle Bond, who served as the Global Head of Policy at Blockchain. As well as, Head of Global Regulatory Affairs and Public Policy at Bloomberg.

Besides Susan Friedman comes in as International Policy Counsel. Before now, Friedman worked as Senior Advisor to CFTC Chairman Heath Tarbert, he was Treasury’s Assistant Secretary for International Markets.

Additionally, Ripple appoints Ron Hammond as Manager of Government Relations. Hammond occupied the position as a Legislative Assistant to Representative Warren Davidson.

Ripple joins Blockchain Association

The blog post also confirmed Ripple’s membership in the Blockchain Association. Accordingly, Michelle Bond, Ripple’s Global Head of Government Relations, will sit on the board.

The association reportedly plays a major role in shaping Ripple’s shared digital future. Also, the Blockchain Association provides a unified voice committed to building deep partnerships between technology leaders and policymakers.

Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse explained: “The members are involved with the association advocates for advanced trust. As well as, transparency, safety, and innovation of blockchain and digital asset technology. Importantly, the goal is to share knowledge, identify opportunities and co-create a more transparent future in partnership with policymakers.”


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