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Guild and scholarship are one of the hottest sectors in crypto right now. In the last seven days, the marketcap of the sector has grown by over 13%. In this sector, Yield Guild Games (YGG), with a market cap of $460 million, is the biggest game guild in blockchain P2E gaming. And they are growing fast.

But there’s a guild growing faster than YGG. They are onboarding new scholars so fast. They have the 2nd most Axie scholars to YGG. And they are worth a fraction of YGG’s value. If you missed YGG at $50 million, this might be your second chance. Let’s meet AAG, but before that, talk more about Guilds.

What is a Guild?

We’ve looked at Guilds before. We believe they are a great way to get into gaming investments, even if you are not a gamer yourself. A guild is a group of people that plays a game together. They share in the profits and in-game assets they earn from winning battles or completing a quest successfully. Here is a video about it:

In old-school gaming, that meant a group of 5 guys playing at the same place together. Thanks to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the group does not have to be in the same place. It also doesn’t have to be isolated into small teams either.

Now, entire virtual economies are sprouting up around guilds. Each guild acts like an investment fund with assets spread out over different games, managed through a DAO. Now, let’s take a look at what is AAG Yield Games.

AAG Yield Games: Making Play-to-Earn Games Accessible for All 

The value proposition for AAG is like all guilds. Generate income from in-game assets that they purchase and then rent out to newer players. These newer players often don’t have the upfront money necessary to start playing a P2E game, so a guild is a liferaft for them. They have the chance to earn money to help themselves and their families, as many in emerging economies have already done.

And since this is a gaming guild, although not gambling, it seems to fit. They currently have the 2nd most Axie Infinity scholars at over 2000. All of them, through guild rentals, are getting their chance to earn. 

AGG Yield games

Source: AGG Ventures

Therefore, AAG’s four pillars for success are: Play to Earn, the AAG Guild, learn to earn, and their AAG Foundation. Also, Currently, AAG supports five games: 

  1. Axie
  2. Thetan Arena
  3. Illuvium
  4. Star Atlas
  5. And The Sandbox

Also, another thing that makes AAG different from other guilds is their wallet. It’s integrated with Binance and Kucoin as well as Uniswap and Sushiswap. You can do many swaps for the AAG token, game tokens, guild tokens, stablecoins, or even fiat.

Team & Tokenomics

The AAG team has four co-founders with tons of experience from games to enterprise software to fund management. They are entirely transparent in what they are doing, including CEO Jack Vinijtrongjit, who recently did an AMA with us.

He answers questions about his 60 members (15 full-time) team and how they are truly global with roots in Silicon Valley, SE Asia, and Latin America. Advisors include VCs and co-founders of great projects like Harmony and Formation.Fi.

On the other hand, AAG just finished their IDO token launch of 27.5 million tokens on Copper Launch. 

Between the IDO, liquidity, and ecosystem/community, ~47% of the total supply of AAG is available to the public.

The plan is to issue all 1 billion tokens of their total supply within four years. This is one of the fastest emission rates we’ve seen and something to note. But one good thing to note is each group, whether Team or Advisors, has both lockup periods and vesting schedules. This helps protect investors like us from a huge dump of tokens into the market.

Ecosystem & Roadmap

AAG is doing some incredible things in its ecosystem. First, we have the five games you can play that we already mentioned. They also have their Learn to Earn Network and agreements with other guilds and game studios. Also, they have their versatile AAG Wallet, and they are building the infrastructure for other P2E games and guilds to use. Most of this falls under what they call AAG Cloud Services.

On the other hand, the roadmap is ambitious for AAG. They have more than 2000 Axie scholars right now. But they hope to get to 5000 before the end of the year and 10,000 by the end of Q1 2022. 100% growth in a quarter is ambitious. Other goals include building out their foundation and their Learn to Earn Network.

Challenges & Competitors

One issue AAG has is it’s growing fast. Fast. However, can they sustain and standardize everything for a long-term sustainable business? We are optimistic, but it is a challenge. 

Another is they have their hands on many different things. For example, they aren’t just building out the fastest guild in blockchain where they are onboarding 4.2x more new scholars than YGG, but they are building out this services platform to perform for other guilds and games. Could they be spread too thin? That’s something we will look out for. That said, we like what they are doing and where they are headed.

On the other hand, conventional wisdom would say other guilds like Yield Guild Games, Astra Guild Ventures, and Good Guild Games should be competitors. But at least five guilds, including YGG, are partners as part of their Cloud Services infrastructure for P2E platforms.

So, to be honest, it’s difficult to say. Maybe other Web 3 and microservices companies like ICP or ICON are, but they are about general Web 3 infrastructure and not about games at all.


If all AAG did was build the fastest growing guild in less than six months, it would be worth looking at their token.

But they aren’t just doing that. They are:

  • Onboarding faster than the largest guild in the industry
  • Growing the 2nd most scholars, so they are helping others earn a living playing these games
  • Building out a full P2E ecosystem to support fellow games and guilds
  • Creating the most user-friendly multi-functional wallet in P2E

And it’s the combination of all those things that make us believe AAG is worth a serious look.

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